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Juan Elias

Produtcion Designer

Buenos Aires, Argentina
I'm a professional with an unusual combination of an artistic and technical background. I´ve explored the disciplines of drawing, painting and sculpting all my life and mixed them with the tools the digital era has brought.
I have a trained and sensitive eye and a great capability for trouble solving.
he managment of diverse teams has given me thorough skills for teaching and orienting people.
I have fluid communication skills
Work Experience
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jul 2013Present
100 bares / Catmandu
Lighting / Compositing Supervisor
Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 2012Jul 2013
Lead lighter / Lead Compostior

Managed both lighting and Compositing teams through diverse movie sequences in Juan José Campanella´s METEGOL (animation film), keeping the directors vision at all times.
Improved the lighting pipeline by analyzing its flaws, both technical and human.
Also fixed backend problems such as the motion blur system, having in consideration how important this was for a live action director.
Mentored the lighting department about the optimization of the ARNOLD render engine to reduce render times.
Also taught the lighting department important issues such as the correct use of camera lenses and its importance in the visual story telling.
Redesigned the compositing workflow to improve the timing and reduce the errors in the continuity for lack of global vision.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mar 2011Apr 2012
Pampa Films
Production Designer / Head of Look
Directed over 30 artist in the production design of the stereoscopic movie "little heroes" still in production. I've designed the general artistic concept, supervised the creation of over 50 characters and 40 locations.
Developed the final look and the workflow for every aspect of the production.
Worked along with the director Juan Pablo Buscarini and the Art director Mercedez Alfonsin.
Aug 2010Feb 2011
vfx supervisor
Supervised the vfx for the movie "UN CUENTO CHINO" by Sebastian Borensztein. Goya award winner for best iberoamerican movie in 2012.
Designed the vfx and supervised them, both on set and in the postproduction studio.
Developed the artistic look of every vfx sequence and also developed several shots myself.
in post we trust
VFX team leader / Studio art director
I've lead the vfx team in several productions from PAMPA FILMS, as "IMPOSTORES" from the director Bruno Stagnaro, in which I also directed the art for the opening titles.
At the time I also worked for a television series called "MIA", in which I've designed the cgi characters and supervised the set.
I've lead the vfx team in the movie "ANITA" from the director Marcos Carnevale
Los Angeles 2010 award winner.
Assisted the vfx supervisor on set and also developed several shots myself.
I've lead the vfx team in the movie "PAPA POR UN DIA" from the director Raúl Rodríguez Peila
Assisted the vfx supervisor on set and also developed several shots myself
Vfx team leader
I've lead the vfx team in the movie "LA LEYENDA" from the director Sebastián Pivotto
First Argentinean movie in surpass 500 vfx shots.
Developed the workflow for the integration of the cgi with the footage
Worked with several camera formats.
35mm, SI2k, RED and adapted the workflow for the logarithmic space
Feb 2002Oct 2005
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jan 2006Dec 2006
3D software Professor
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I've worked as a 3d artist in the movie "Patoruzito, la gran aventura" from the director José Luis Massa
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I've worked as a 3d artist in the movie "Una película de Huevos" from the director Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste y Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I've worked since very young making Branding and Editorial design for several clients
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)
Graphic Design
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Advertising & Communication Technician
Image Campus
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nueva Escuela
Advanced 3d design
Spanish (Native), English (Fluent)
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Arnold, Art Direction, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Drawing, Eyeon Fusion, Nuke, Painting, Pixologic ZBrush, VRay, Visual Effects
Best Iberoamerican Movie