Jane Tarver

Independent Publishing Professional

Oakland, CA, USA
Accomplished in both the business and creative areas of publishing. I turn concepts into realities. I turn objectives into achievements. Love for: typography, concept development, branding, book design and anything Modigliani.

Work Experience


Freelance Publication & Design Services

Freelance Production Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction and Project Management.
Magazine & Book Design contract and sub-contract work.
Production Department Management: workflow and scheduling, process design and documentation. RFP and print order preparation, print buying & team management.
Interactive forms. Advertorial/Advertisements, Digital Magazine App Design and development.
Consultantcy: Publishing Production Workflow & Technology
new trends, automation & scripting, department development & training
Experienced in complete design and production of publications and marketing materials
Superb creative eye: strong skills in concepts, typography & color
Expert production management; pre-press, proofing and preparation of digital materials
Strong organizational, communication and management skills
Expert in Adobe CC: Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe DPS & Acrobat
Proficient in : Filemaker, Microsoft Office 2011, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Edge Animate
Adobe Certified in Web Design 2013
June 1998 - Present Oakland, California, United States

Active Interest Media

Creative Services Director

Reported to VP of Operations, Active Interest Media. Responsible for Manufacturing, Operations and Production of Yoga Journal Magazine.
Scheduling, Delivery and Quality control of all magazine pages (editorial and advertising).
Advertising Booking and Material Traffic, issue mapping and book sizing.
Milestone creation and master schedule for art, editorial and production departments.
Pricing and project management of special and custom print/online units for advertisers and internal clients (web, marketing and conference groups) Print Order preparation, completion of RFPs, Pricing Book creation & maintenance for marketing and sales
Design & Layout of Special Advertising Sections (Directories, etc) and Back of Book Departments.
Project management and technological & design lead for Digital (iPad) version of Yoga Journal. Production Department executed build and delivery of interactive iPad edition of Yoga Journal.
Developed, deployed, managed & distributed Digital Archive & assets to foreign licensees (8 titles) and internal clients (editorial, art, marketing, web group). Tracked asset usage, rights, and licensing.
Improved Departmental Efficiencies, brought color proofing (press proofs and loose color proofing) & photo retouching inhouse at a savings of over 100K annually without quality compromise.
Project-managed the launch of 24-33 Aim titles onto multiple digital platforms (amazon fire, Google Play, PixelMags, Next Issue).
Directed and instructed Group Production Directors for all Division of AIM (Marine, Home Buyers, Outdoor Living, Healthy Living) on file preparation, workflow scheduling & file delivery.
Contracted 3rd party vendors to assist in file preparation.
Expanded program as new distribution channels became available.
March 2008 - October 2013 San Francisco, California, United States

Mother's Hen Publishing

Book Editor

I love working with authors in an environment that allows me to guide authors to produce their best work. To be an editor often requires that one be hard on the author but when you are a lobbyist for the author and not the business bottom line, you don’t have to be brutal, one can be sensitive to the authors vision and still produce great work. I also contribute to the look, layout, production and manufacturing of the books, further ensuring that the artist's vision and the final product are aligned.
Berkeley, California, United States