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I'm a graphic and product designer newly based in Singapore. I'm working currently on several signage & wayfinding projects. Looking for new exciting projects!
Nice journey!
  • Product designer
    (ateliers59) — Lille, France
  • Product designer
    Decathlon — Lille, France
  • Packaging assistant
    Mazarine — Paris, France
  • Graphic designer
    Conservatoire Des Arts & Métiers Multimédia — Bamako, Mali
  • Graphic assistant
    Integral Ruedi Baur — Paris, France
  • Graphic Designer
    Flavard And Saguez — Paris, France
  • Senior Environmental Graphics Designer
    HBA Graphics — Singapore
  • Senior Environmental Graphics Designer
    Space Agency — London, United Kingdom
  • Web designer
    RATP — Paris, France
  • Director of Graphics EMEA
    HBA Graphics — Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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(ateliers59), Lille, FR.
Decathlon, Lille, FR.
Mazarine Design, Paris, FR.
Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers Multimédia, Bamako, ML.
Intégral Ruedi Baur, Paris, FR.
RATP, Paris, FR.
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