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Joshua Davey

Creative Professional & Entrepreneur

Sydney, Australia
Joshua Davey
Creative Professional - Junior Level

"As Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO put's it 'the consumer moves from being a passive receiver to an active participant.' When design is conceived this way, the designers role is to think about the human experiences first, rather then just the thing itself." - Botsman, R and Rogers, R (2011). What's Mine Is Your's. London: Collins. p188.

Joshua Davey's approach to design is a result of this shift in consumer awareness. His practice involves of problem solving and design thinking, with emphasis on the unique empathetic experience for the audience.

This methodology provides a platform for designs that are flexible; that can be stretched, pushed & pulled to engage the consumer on each touch point of the product lifecycle.

He has recently graduated with a BA in applied communications (Visual) at Billy Blue College of Design and is open to Internships, Freelance, Full-Time and Project work.

On the side he is working on ‘Owl,' a project that has been developed over the past eight months to bridge the gap between the visually impaired and all the information that resides around them.
More to come from this ongoing project.

For C/V please refer to Linkedin or enquire via email.
Work Experience
Sydney, Australia
Nov 2012
Freelance Designer
My role includes working with a cross-functional team of fantastic designers, developers and entrepreneurial minds in a start-up environment. Collectively we are working on the international launch and re-brand of Australia's largest online creative network. (
Sydney, Australia
Sep 2012Nov 2012
- Digital Strategy & Web design.
- UX Development. (Human behaviours - Computer interaction)
- Using balsamiq to produce wireframes of a social network.
- Iconography design for web and mobile content.
- Information Architecture
- Print Design
Sydney, Australia
Nov 2012
Course & Career Advisor (CCA)
My role primarily involves communicating clearly and effectively with diverse student population, transcending cultural and language barriers. Also to;
- Assist prospective students in academic decision‐making.
- To Develop professional phone etiquette.
- Updating & maintaining internal database.
Sydney, Australia
Mar 2012Nov 2012
Prospective Student Advisor (PSA)
- Public Speaking
- Comprehend and interpret a variety of University information
across 8 colleges and 12 campuses.
- Setting and meeting target 'lead' goals.
Sydney, Australia
May 2012
Full day workshop created for Vivid Ideas Exchange 2012, five teams from five different primary schools where paired with five Design Emergency designers. Each group worked through a design challenge with their designer, to help them gain insights, experiment and imagine solutions!
Sydney, Australia
Feb 2012Jul 2012
Web design for external clients
Print design. (Corporate proposals and other internal documentation)
Sydney, Australia
Mar 2010Oct 2012
Bachelor of Visual Communications
Jan 2001Oct 2009
Year 12 certificate
Branding & Identity, Creative Writing, Identity, Strategic Thinking, Typography, UX Design, User Experience, Web Design
Owl - Illuminated Moments
The ‘Owl’ start-up has been developed over the past eight months to bridge the gap between the visually impaired and all the information that resides around them. This will provide a more informed quality of life for the visually impaired. It’s not about just living life, It’s about choosing how you want to live it. More to come from this ongoing project.

Description //
My Role as a founder includes: Brand Development, Business Strategy and Sales Strategy Development. Designing a Business Plan, Pitch and Proposal Document for potential investment opportunities