Joe Wolfe

Financial Consultant | Yelm, Washington | Olympia, WA | Thurston County Grants Manager

Yelm, WA, USA
Joe Wolfe is an Olympia, Washington native, is a dynamic and strategic leader with strong vision, enthusiasm, and an unquenchable thirst to improve quality of life for the people his community of Yelm and Thurston County.

Work Experience

Thurston County Auditor’s Office

Grants Manager

In my role as Grant Manager for Thurston County, I am the primary official responsible for providing administrative and technical oversight for grant-related services in Thurston County offices and departments. Specifically, I am responsible for creating, preparing and organizing local, state and federal grants-related county-wide resource needs and ensuring that all funding requirements are met.

Main accomplishments during my tenure with the Office of the Thurston County Auditor:

Advised offices and divisions on issues related to the collection, preparation and execution of programs financed by grants

Comprehensive procurement policies and procedures have been developed to ensure conformity with state and federal procurement legislation and regulations.

Built countywide grant approval process to comply with processes for budget creation

Acting with internal auditors, compliance reviews relating to state and federal audit standards have been carried out to ensure compliance with single audit requirements.

Audited Plan 15 and 16 applications, with all required grant backups for financial reporting.

The sub-program to administer Coronavirus Relief Funds in the community was established in collaboration with the Thurston County Commissioner's Office.
2019 - Washington, United States

City Of Yelm

Finance Director

I was the primary official responsible for preparing, coordinating and managing the financial operations of the City in my role as City of Yelm Finance Director, including financial planning, accounting and financial statements, treasury and fund management, debt management, operating and capital budgeting, payroll, business licenses, purchasing, and IT. I served as a member of the executive management team of the City, responsible for achieving the priorities and goals of the City as defined in the Strategic Plan and budget of the City.

Significant accomplishments as City of Yelm Finance Director during my tenure:
Created, mentored and led the Yelm Finance Team City
Established and maintained financial policies to ensure sound control of the finances of the City, including debt management, investment in the city, reserves and other policies of financial compliance.
Reinvented the budget paper, which culminated in the first Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the City's Government Finance Officers Association
Transition of the City from an annual budget to a biennial budget to enhance the capacity to incorporate long-term planning and forecasting
Regulated the preparation and release of the suggested budget of the Mayor
Coordinated all hearings of the Department, Executive and Council about the submission of the budget to Yelm City Council
Supervised the procurement and introduction of a new framework for enterprise resource planning
Coordinated, organized and sent to the Washington State Auditor's Office, all annual financial schedules
Established all schedules of reporting, including Schedules 15 and 16
Renegotiated treasury, merchant and buying card programs, resulting in savings to the City of approximately $20,700/year
Refinanced General Obligation and District Bonds for Municipal Enhancement, generating savings in interest rates of over $1.0 million
2017 - 2019 Washington, United States

Washington State Department Of Health

Finance and Operations Director

In that position, I was the Executive Finance Director of the Division of Prevention and Community Health and a member of the Leadership Team of the Division. My primary duty was to prepare, manage, and direct the production, maintenance, and execution of the resources of the division across the state, including federal, state and local funds of 300 FTE and $680 million. I was also responsible for ensuring that sound financial policies and processes for the division are in effect, that all funds are handled in accordance with state and federal policies and regulations, that resources can be monitored correctly and reliably, and that all levels of leadership have the data they need to make informed resource management choices.

Core achievements during my tenure in the Division of Prevention and Environmental Health:

Established the Operations Staff of the Preventive and Environmental Health Division
Redefined division of broad financial processes to ensure the effective, innovative and flexible use of resources to optimize investment returns
Oversight over all processes of resource planning and growth, including fiscal notes and the budget development division
Key standardization initiatives have been developed and introduced, including a uniform account map, structured financial reporting and automated business processes.
Established and enforced indirect rate for the federally approved division
2015 - 2017 Washington, United States

Washington State Department Of Health

Budget and Performance Accountability Section Manager

I served in this capacity as the primary advisor to the Drinking Water Office on all federal program management financial matters. I led a section of 12 workers with 6 direct reports and successfully handled a biennial operating budget of $25 million, a biennial construction budget of $100 million, 103 FTE allotments and active infrastructure loans of over $500 million.

Main achievements during my tenure with the Drinking Water Office:
The Drinking Water Finance Office has been restructured to better match resources with state, local and national needs.
Redefined financial processes to optimize investment returns
Struggled to consolidate the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program, including collaboration with state and federal stakeholders, legislation on agency demands, and other required project management
Created, led and mentored financial management teams for the Office of Drinking Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
2013 - 2015 Washington, United States

Puget Sound Partnership

Grants, Contracts & Compliance Manager

2011 - 2013

Department Of Fish And Wildlife

Senior Budget Analyst

2009 - 2011

Department Of Ecology

Budget Planner/Financial Manager

2001 - 2009


Central Michigan University

Bachelor’s Degree | Industrial Engineering and Technology

Saint Martin’s University

Master of Business Administration

University Of Washington

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Tacoma, Washington, United States