Joke Schut


Rotterdam, Netherlands
A passion for exploration and people is what drives Schut as editorial portrait photographer.
Her open-minded approach draws people out allowing her to capture their emotion, dignity and authenticity.

Based in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, but employable throughout the Netherlands, Joke Schut Photography uses people’s own familiar surroundings to tell their story. Her instinctive use of light and composition produces fresh and vibrant images that reveal beauty in the everyday.

Work Experience

Joke Schut Photography

Photographing personal projects.
Photographing corporate portraits and editorials


Library Rotterdam
Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Burgerzaken (Dutch Association for Citizenship)
PleinBioscoop Rotterdam
Rotterdam Festivals
Gers! magazine
Equipe zorgbedrijven
Camping Nommerlayen
one-oh-five Reclamebureau
Stof Rotterdam Reclamebureau
Rex Support
Bommes Kinderdagverblijf
Vers Beton
International Documentary Festival Amsterdam
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Ranzijn tuin en dier
Tandartspraktijk Knappers & de Jong

February 2013 - Present Netherlands


Willem De Kooning


graduated juni 2013, master of fine arts, photography
August 2009 - September 2013 Rotterdam, Netherlands


2017 ‘ Uit agenda’ Several publications (Print)
2017 ‘B&R’ Several publicationss (Print)
2017 ‘Rex magazines’ Several publications (Print)

2016 ‘B&R’ Several publications (Print)
2016 ‘ UitAgenda’ Several publications’ (Print)
2016 ‘Vakblakd C’ (Print)
2016 ‘Gers! Magazine #10 (print)

2015 ‘Rex magazines’ Several publications (print)
2015 ‘ Vakblad C’ (Print)
2015 ‘HP de Tijd/expo’ (online)
2015 ‘beeldkanon’ (online)
2015 ‘paradijsvogels magazine’ (online)
2015 ‘Gers! magazine #9’ (print)
2015 ‘Gers! magazine #8’ (print)
2015 ‘Vers beton Magazine’ (online)

2014 ‘Rex magazines’ Several publications (print)
2014 ‘Vers Beton magazine’ (online)

2013, ‘Amersfoort living Magazine’ (print)
2013 ‘Get Inspired Magazine’ (online)
2013 ‘Lansingerland Magazine’ (print)
2013 ‘Nesselande Magazine’ (print)