Johnathan Montelongo

Bristol, United Kingdom

Work Experience


Junior Graphic Design Intern

I spent a month with the Bristol wing of Torchbox, who are a collective of fiercely talented and committed individuals who are passionate about everything they do. The experience was better than ever imagined and I could see the quality of my work and speed of it undertaking improve with every passing moment in their company.
May 2014 - June 2014 Bristol, United Kingdom

The Pixel

Graphic Designer - Freelance

I was invited to spend some time with the team at one of Bristol's most successful Magento Gold Solution Partners and full-service eCommerce agencies. During the month, I produced client work in the form of infographics, subscription mail-outs and various icons and supporting graphics for web and gained a great respect for the fast-paced nature of the digital industry. I keep in touch with the team and create further work from time to time.
March 2014 - April 2014 Bristol, United Kingdom