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Hi there,

I'm a student from the University of Westminster and I'm looking for an illustrator and animator to work with us on our film Sophie's Map (10 minutes). Sophie's Map is a short film about a young boy called Jamie, that is learning to deal with the loss of his older sister Sophie, who has recently passed away. His grieving process takes him on his last adventure with Sophie to places that she loved until he feels ready to say goodbye to her for the last time.

Further information regarding about our short film please click the link below: 

Job requirement-

The map is a vital part of our film and we will need 2 possibly 3 identical copies to be used as a prop. The sketchbook is also an important part of the story as Sophie is an eager artist, we will be asking for a mostly black and white sketchbook with a few pages in color to be used as part of the animation in the film that represents Jamie's imagination. Pictures will include a 'monster' and various objects.

-We would like the illustrator to start as soon a possible as we will be filming on the 20th of January.

-The Animator will have February to April to complete the animation. There's not that much animation required however it is an essential part in our short film. 

If you could do both that will be great!

We would love to have you involved in our project and please don't be afraid to send your portfolios to us!

We want to be inspired by you so any style would be great!

Please contact me by email at if you are interested or contact me through this website.


Thank you!

Sundeep Kaur Panag

Art Director

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