2D Animator

New York, NY, USA

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International Academic Alliance (IAA) is producing educational materials for preschool-aged children, including original stories for books and animations.


We are seeking an animator for 2D animation creation that will be part of an educational program for children aged 3 to 6. The animation will be based on a story that has already been written, illustrated and vocal track. A reading of the story will have been vocally recorded in advance.



Animation must be appropriate for children aged 4 to 6, i.e., optimistic, heartwarming, free of any violence, despair, or bias.

The animation must serve the educational purpose of the story. It must promote cognitive and content knowledge (e.g., scientific facts), as well as children’s social and emotional development (e.g., understanding human relations, instilling positive values such as kindness and respect)

The animator will refer to guidelines and suggestions by the author and illustrator when creating the animation. Using their own expertise and judgment, the animator will determine which to include.

The animation will include an existing vocal track, and will synchronize the visual animation with the line delivery on the vocal track.

The animator will mix a soundtrack consisting of the vocal track and relevant sound effects, in addition to creating the visual animation.

The animation should run approximately 5 to 7 minutes in length.


IAA will provide:

The completed text and illustrations.

Page-by-page guidelines and suggestions for the animation by the author and illustrator.



We would like to have the animation completed by Friday, December 21.

Cuts and samples will be shared according a timeline decided jointly by the animator and IAA.




IAA is in the process of creating a series of animations to accompany our illustrated children’s books. Contingent on the outcome of this project, we may be interested in collaborating with the animator on multiple future projects.

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