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Overview and requirements

●      Overview: Prohibition Partners is a cannabis market research and consultancy company based in London. We provide market intelligence, strategic consultancy and advisory services to investors, entrepreneurs and regulators who are ready to embrace the opportunity in this emerging frontier. We use our website to advertise our services and promote our content and free reports to cannabis stakeholders.

●      Project: Prohibition Partners is aiming to redevelop the website, hosted on squarespace (https://www.prohibitionpartners.com). Prohibition Partners wants to develop a series of additional sections to the website, improve User Experience, User Interface, improve content exposure and redesign layout and graphics. We want to increase duration spent on site, multiple page visits, interaction with social, submissions for enquiries and submissions for reports.

●      Current website: The current website is effective at displaying small amounts of content (blog and newsletter archives). The website is effectively displaying our services and products.

●      Aims and Objectives: Display more content, redesign graphics, create visual identity, improve user experience, augment user interface, introduce new website pages and sections, improve navigation, improve website visitors, improve duration spent on website.

●      Target audience: corporate cannabis investors, cannabis regulators, politicians, healthcare professionals, journalists, cannabis entrepreneurs, cannabis executives.



Prohibition Partners is going international, we will now be covering Oceania regions, Latin American regions and soon to be truly global.

Prohibition Partners is becoming a more media/content focused company rather than a traditional corporate M&A.

Prohibition Partners is expanding its offering. We will now create video content, blogs, social assets, industry reports, podcasts, briefings and presentations.


The problem


Currently, the brand is very flat and dull. We don't have an edge

Our offering is too text-heavy with very little visual appeal

The website is boring and not interactive and has no bold visual identity

We need to build a cultural following and express our own company culture

Content needs to become more shareable (design is key)




New web design: hip, cool, revolutionary, breakthrough, lively, edgy, intriguing, modern, sleek, professional

Visual identity for the website

Interactive icons, buttons, loading pages

Visual design for the website: parallax scrolling,








Prohibition Partners wants a corporate, sleek, professional style.

Some examples of the style we look for:


http://www.feedmusic.com/ (a less complex version)


https://www.etq-amsterdam.com/ (design and content layout)

https://wovenmagazine.com/ (good display of content)

 http://www.johos.at/#/en/2/1 (for visuals and reactivity)









Website Technical Requirements


●      The site should be hosted on wordpress and should have a pre-intalled frontend editor (like WPBakery)

●      The managers at Prohibition Partners need to access and edit the content regularly.

●      The homepage should be multilingual (German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese)

●      Mobile optimised

●      Pages should have the following features:

○      Navigation bar

○      Parallax scrolling

○      Interactive buttons, graphics and imagery

○      Autoplay (already produced by Prohibition Partners)


Phase 1:


1.     Home page –

a.     Sections: About, Our Reports, Our Services + Clients, Interactive Country Map, International Country Review, International Cannabis Weekly Archives, Team, Social, Contact

b.     Include auto-play video for about section (already produced)


2.     Our Resources

a.     Reports:

b.     European Country Review [blog] - (https://www.prohibitionpartners.com/european-country-review-1/)

c.      European Cannabis Weekly (https://www.prohibitionpartners.com/european-cannabis-weekly/)

 d. *European Cannabis Events - Events listing page with overview and imagery for each events and link to the external events. Good example: https://www.westminster-abbey.org/events/event-listings/

e.     *The European Deal Tracker - This page will display links to all the latest deals/mergers in the European cannabis industry. Example:


3.     Our Services (+ people we have worked with)                       


4.     *Press (including a downloadable Press Pack and articles where we appear in the press - to be built)


5.     *Interactive Country Map

a.     This needs to be built on a template that we can access and edit the content - we can use a plugin for this and we will need to know the details

b.     This will be a map of Europe which users can click into and find out key information on the cannabis industry in that country (eg. population, GDP, total healthcare spend, total beauty and wellbeing spend, cannabis consumption, ruling government party, government stance on cannabis, estimated cannabis requirements 2018, approved cannabis-based products, forecasted medical cannabis market value 2028, forecasted recreational cannabis market value 2028, forecasted industrial cannabis market value 2028)

c.      All the above data can be found in the European Cannabis Report™: Edition 3 (in the country sections of the report). I will send this to you.


6.     *Cannabis Europa (Link directly to https://www.cannabis-europa.com/)


7.     *Sponsorship Page - for ongoing sponsorship opportunities (this will need to be visually appealing to potential event/report sponsors). We will showcase our previous sponsors and more case studies here.

*New sections/pages

Additional Requirements

The new website must maintain the previous websites SEO (or improve on this)

The content and template must be editable. Content teams must be able to edit and change imagery, text, plugins etc.

During the phase, Prohibition Partners must have the option for redesigns if the product is not up to their standards.

Must be mobile ready and adaptable.

Must have excellent UI/UX but able to run quickly.


Content + Digital Marketing

Content is handled in-house.

Digital Marketing is handled in-house.




●8 page website fully responsive wordpress website (as mentioned above)

●Interactive regional map

●Updated graphics

●Updated icons and illustrations

●File hosting for reports

●Updated blog format and galleries/imagery

●Newsletter captures

●Training video for uploading of content

●Social Feed on website





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