3D interior designer to create from scratch realistic picture-like images of home interior


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The interior design services consist of creating virtual interior residential spaces and representing the design in realistic 3Ds for the following residential functions: kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, child and study in order to show the curtains and furniture in their best residential ambiance.

Ideally, the designer will also have website design and development skills. We expect 80-90 renderings.

The stages are as follows:
• Defining and Setting up the styles
• Creating a Color Palette for each style and setting up the mood of the interior space
• Select Colors, Patterns and Textures for the walls, ceilings, and floors
• Selecting lighting fixtures and decoration elements to populate the space
• Selecting Angle for the 3Ds and Selecting Close-ups that best suit the marketing of the product
• Creating Realistic high end imagery
• Creating the visuals for three different dimensions of rooms

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