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The Job:

As the development and execution side of our soft goods design team, you’ll work closely with our Product Designers, Project Managers, external manufacturers and suppliers to take our new soft goods product designs to successful mass production. You will also be working to maintain, troubleshoot and refine our existing product lines over the life of the products.

Our soft goods design team and why we need you:

We have a small team of soft goods Product Designers who are currently filling dual roles:  (1) Product Designer - creative ideation, sketching, and finalization of a product’s design and features, and (2) Product Developer - development and execution of that design into a manufacturable, sellable, and reliable product.

We also have two Project Managers who oversee the development and production schedules of both new development projects and improvements/changes to existing products. These project managers currently spend a good deal of their time helping out with development tasks - for example: small tech pack changes, packaging tweaks, quality control upkeep, etc.

In order to help our Designers and Managers focus on their core deliverables, we are looking to grow our team’s horsepower by adding a talented soft goods Product Developer. We need someone with the drive to bring challenging, unconventional designs to production on tight timelines. Functionality, beauty, and cost are equally important considerations - we don’t make bargain-bin bags. We are driven to make the world’s most functional and beautiful carry solutions, and we need someone who is passionate about building the best gear out there.

We’re a small fluid team and because of that, you will have a say in the design and “story” of a new product, but your core deliverables will relate to the development and manufacturing execution of a given product design.

Your Deliverables:

Work with our internal team and external manufacturing partners to advance a product from prototype stages to successful mass production.

Work with soft goods Product Managers and Designers to clearly understand the creative direction and vision for the product.

Work with Project Managers to clearly understand the project timeline and adhere to milestones and deliverables.

Troubleshoot design, material, and trim details required to execute the desired design.

Establish and maintain quality control documents and inspection plans with suppliers.  

Execute on product improvements for existing products. Examples: Testing, qualification and implementation of sustainable fabrics, specialty zippers, or custom webbing.

Execute on cost-down and functional improvement opportunities for new and existing products through alternate construction methods, technologies, materials, or through qualification from alternate vendors.

Work with designers to deliver and communicate technical drawing packages to our manufacturing partners.

Organize and maintain documentation and communications related to product manufacturing.

Desired Skills:

Experience working with soft goods vendors (sewing prototypers, sewing factories, fabric weavers, coatings factories, etc) to bring products to mass production for sale to consumers.

Proficiency with building soft goods drawing packages (also called “Tech Packs”). We primarily use Adobe Illustrator for these so the more Illustrator experience you have, the better. Quickness and accuracy are prized.

Proficiency with hand sketching and Solidworks is a plus, but not necessary.

Experience working within structured product development systems to organize new product development and ensure that crucial steps aren’t skipped on the way towards final mass production (phase gate systems, PLM (product lifecycle management), etc).

Experience setting up quality control expectations and documentation to enforce a high level of product quality at our manufacturing partners.

Note that none of these skills are absolutely required. These are skills that we feel will be helpful in your pursuit of this job. If you feel you’ve got the chops but are missing specific experiences, convince us.

Nitty-Gritty Requirements:

Travel to Asia (China, Vietnam, probably others in the future) 3~6 times per year for ~7-14 day development and production trips.

Location in the Bay Area. Our office is in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco, and adding to the cultural environment of the Peak Design community is important. We find this is hard to do for remote employees.

About Us:

Peak Design is a carry brand: we design bags and accessories that help people better carry, organize, and access their stuff. We launch our products on Kickstarter, where we’ve raised over $20M across 8 projects. We’re entirely crowdfunded—no outside investors—and that gives us the freedom to focus on the things that matter most to us: designing the best products, fostering happy employees, and taking care of our customers and natural environment. There are currently 36 of us. We love our jobs, we love each other, and we couldn’t be more stoked for the future of our company.


We also believe a diverse team is an innovative team and something worth celebrating. A range of perspectives and backgrounds creates a stronger and more creative work environment (not to mention more fun). We’re committed to equality and inclusivity across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience.


We’re a great place to work—literally, Outside Magazine ranked us #12 in their 2017 Best Places to Work list. Here’s what they have to say about our company and culture. Also, check out our mission to see what really makes us tick.


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