All-Star Graphic Designer Needed for Music Technology Company


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We’re looking for someone who has strong design skills, has a passion for creating beautiful work and loves music!

Our clients are some of the most innovative music producers, composers, and creatives, in the world, and we’re looking for someone who is passionate about doing work that looks good AND sells products.



Work as a designer for a company that creates innovative music software and technology products for music creatives.

We’re looking for someone to help us create compelling design work for our website, marketing materials, and products graphics …..from attention-grabbing Facebook ads to engaging website landing pages and more.


General Responsibilities:

Creating creative, bold and innovative designs for our website, email marketing campaigns, and software products.

Designing creative and scroll-stopping facebook ads, and social content that will help us capture leads and drive conversions.

Designing pages for our Shopify Site

Helping us find the most cost-effective and efficient ways to execute our marketing ideas.

Long-Term Potential:

I’d like to find someone I trust who I can build a long-term working relationship with.  I’ve got a fast-growing business that needs these same type of tasks taken care of, if you’re a good fit for this job, I’d like to expand your role and have you take over as lead designer.

Work Style:
In the beginning, we’re going to take some time to learn how to work together.  

I’ll assign you some projects through Trello and Slack with a 48 hours deadline.  These will include designing email templates, designing banners, etc. We’ll review them together on Skype to give feedback on the first version.

After the first few weeks of working together, we’ll get into a good routine where at the beginning of the week (usually Sunday/Monday) you’ll get new assignments for the week, with a built-in turnaround time for you.

There will also be tasks that recur every week, and as we continue to work together those will increase.  I’d like you to keep us informed when you see something on the site that you believe could be improved.

I’d like to work together for a trial period of 2 weeks (paid of course) to see if it’s a good fit before committing to anything long term.

We’re looking for someone with the right attitude, who holds themselves to a high standard with deadlines. You don’t have to have perfect skills, there is an opportunity to learn along the way -- your attitude and desire to learn is going to be what turns this job into a long-term fit.


Company Overview and What We Need Your Help With!

Our Company creates music sample libraries, music software, and technology products for Music Creatives. The company is in the middle of repackaging and rebranding our products, website, launching a new software line, and starting a social and content plan, so as you can see we have lots and lots of exciting and creative work ahead that we need someone amazing to step in as lead-designer and creative.

Our overall design direction and style that we’re looking to move toward is similar to Output and Ableton, Our customers/users, and music creatives in general really appreciate amazing, creative and cutting-edge design across the board, and so our standard has to be absolutely top-notch, world-class, kick-ass amazing! We’re always in favor of having amazing work vs. simply something that will, outstanding work is a must!

Here are a few examples of our competitors whose work we really appreciate!


What we Need Help With Now:

Designing beautiful email templates (we use Klaviyo as our CRM, and rely heavily on creating beautifully compelling promotional and auto-responder emails which showcase our products, brand building etc)

Designing collection banners for our Shopify/E-commerce website.

Design product graphics and packaging for upcoming collection products.

Designing attractive light boxes/pop-ups to capture leads.

Designing engaging and compelling graphics for social content and ads.



General and Ongoing Responsibilities Include:

All of the above, as well as this below...

Designing banners and calls to action for Facebook Ads.

Designing pages for our Shopify site...I want to be able to send you a screenshot of what I’d like built, and then to have you design it with your input.

Designing landing pages in Shopify to capture leads, emails, etc.

Helping us find the most cost-effective and efficient ways to execute our marketing ideas.

Designing “seasonal” or “special event” marketing for websites.  

Must Have

Adobe creative suite.

A keen eye for branding and design.  If someone has ever told you are a bit picky, that’s a good sign for us.  

Strong communication skills – good English

Hard working, proactive and friendly!

Ability to hit deadlines

Bonus Skills

Great Illustration Skills

Experience using Slack, Trello, Google Drive and Dropbox

Experience working Liquid Theme (Shopify)

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