Motorcycle Designer

Salzburg, Austria

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“Motorcycles were always my universe and now I’m behind-the-scenes, shaping their future. That’s the best part of my job.”
Maxime, senior designer

For a KISKA motorcycle designer, seeing your design as a final product is all in a day’s work. The rapid nature of projects and minimal team hierarchy means every sketch and render counts. To give brands design solutions they could never anticipate, you will:

Oversee all two-wheel projects. From the blank page to the final product.

Collaborate with an international team of designers, modellers, engineers and riders.

Contribute directly to the client relationship, which is close and quickly evolving.

To see your sketches and renderings in real life, you need:

The expertise and attitude that allows you to objectively assess designs created by you and your team.

Experience. Not just in terms of growing design skills. You should have an international perspective, leadership skills and an open mind.

English fluency.

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