Creative Designer - Automotive Interiors and Exteriors

Warren, MI, USA

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Create fresh, innovative designs for Interiors of automotive vehicles or other products utilizing electronic design tools. Coordinate the work of other design personnel to achieve design goals. Follow design process from the sketch form to the final release clay model. Work duties involve a considerable amount of perception, design taste, judgment and creativity as well as a definite degree of skill, accuracy, and coordination. Provide insight and recommendations to supervisors and leadership while possessing willingness and acumen to act upon general guidance.

- Makes perspective sketches and renderings in scale and full size sufficient to communicate new design ideas
- Develops two and three-dimensional mock-ups of proposed design solutions
- Works with studio engineers, modelers, other designers, and service and fabrication personnel in the development of new ideas in both two and three-dimensional form
- Makes presentations of new thoughts and designs, both orally and visually
- In the absence of the assistant chief designer, may be called upon to give leadership and direction to lower classified designers
- Frequent contact with cross functional partners outside the work group

-Experience working with Premium brands is a plus

Basic Required

- Ability to communicate new ideas
- Good understanding of form
- Good drawing skills
- Demonstrated creative proficiency
- Demonstrated proficiency utilizing electronic tools to communicate 2-D ideations
- Oral and written communications skills
- Relatively high level of analytical ability where problems are complex
- Demonstrated ability to work independently with others
- Competent interpersonal skills and the aptitude to work effectively with others
- Knowledge of computer and ability to effectively use as it pertains to engineering

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