UI Designer (HMI Visual Interface designer) for a Global Automotive R&D Team company in Torrance, CA

Torrance, CA, USA

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Create custom visual experiences that are clear and simple, yet beautiful and enticing.
These experiences will reside within an automotive environment including the vehicle’s primary HMI (center screen and meter) and other aspects of the interior experience (illumination, sound, animation, etc).
Lead the ideation and creation of the in-vehicle experience including the center screen interface, meters, HUD’s, and other interactions.
These experiences will be mocked up in functional interior design prototypes and used to demonstrate an emotional connect to our users as well as influence the production software.
Creative collaboration with UX designers, prototypers, and vehicle designers (Interior/Exterior/Color and Materials) will be key.
Interact professionally with engineers and suppliers worldwide. 
Must Have Skillsets:
3-5+ years experience
Strong and flexible visual design sense that is modern and clean yet respects the needs of designing for a UI in a automotive environment.
Creative brainstorming skills.
Able to communicate and work with a diverse staff of creatives and specialists.
Strong understanding of visual design principals and visual execution.
Familiar with software development process/tools on various platforms.
Familiar with software collaboration tools including Jira, Confluence.
Familiarity with Modern web development, Mac Sketch, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Axure.
Experience manipulating motion graphic, movies, and digital models (Adobe AfterEffects, Alias, Cinema 4D).

Desired Skillsets:
Automotive interface experience a plus. 
Kanzi experience a plus.

Type: 1+ year contract or Fulltime

Location: Torrance, CA

Submit resumes to: jobs (at) osiengineering.com

Mario Ruiz
408.550.2800 x105

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