Tokyo UX Designer - Relocation Offered

Tokyo, Japan

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We are looking for a designer who can help Indeed design experimental products.

We are looking for a great mid-level UX designer, regardless of location. Relocation to Tokyo available for the right candidate - office is English speaking.

So what would you be doing?

Labs builds experimental products quickly with small product teams. This designer would wear multiple hats. Tasks could include:

Designing UIs and flows

Creating production ready assets

Helping with html & css

Talking with users to get feedback

Designing emails, landing pages, and other marketing materials


A minimum of 2 full years of professional UX experience (excluding internships)

Experience working with products in Asian markets

A portfolio that demonstrates experience designing usable interfaces and interactions

You have at least 2 of these skills: visual design, interaction design (IxD), front-end engineering, user research

Able to autonomously and continually improve the quality of our products

Ability to create prototypes using HTML/CSS/JS a plus

Responsive, adaptive, and mobile a plus


Define the interaction and/or interface for new and existing products and features.

Our process is pretty fluid: you’ll develop prototypes, screenshots, wireframes -- whatever gets the job done.

Quickly and thoughtfully incorporate team feedback into designs.

Validate your designs through A/B testing (working with product management) and/or qualitative user research (either yourself or working with a UX researcher)

You'll need to help refine other people's ideas and come up with your own.

A little more about Indeed Incubation Labs


Leverage Indeed assets.

Pioneer opportunities for growth.

Measure and assess new ideas.


Love the problem, not the solution . Try hard to focus on the problem or opportunity, don't fall in love with your design / implementation.

Get out of the hex . We need to validate that we're working on a real problem, and that we're designing the right solution. That doesn't happen inside the labs workspace (hex). You need to get out of the building and talk to customers.

Get started, then get better . When in doubt, try stuff. Err on the side of making mistakes rather than listening to inner or outer critics. Seek forgiveness rather than permission. Don't worry about being bad at first.

Failure is an option . Yes some of the stuff we do will fail. We should expect some failures. If we're not failing we're not being bold or risky enough.

Fight the resistance . Barriers are part of the natural order of the universe. External and Internal. Recognized them, and fight them: Wear them down, work around them or jump over them. Don't accept being blocked.

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