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Duarte is looking for contract facilitators passionate about communication and the power that strong communication skills have on individuals and within organizations. You will deliver Duarte methodology through one day or two day workshops across the U.S. and occasionally around the globe. The ideal candidate will be an excellent facilitator, listening as much as talking, and exhibiting the Duarte method within the workshop itself. And, for the PowerPoint Technician role, s/he must deep knowledge of PowerPoint in order to facilitate workshops within the application.

Successful facilitators come from all walks of life; teachers, professors, sales managers, marketing professionals—even pastors. Experience in facilitating conversations to persuade people to action is a must!

The right contract facilitator needs to be independently employed, a self-starter, able to multi-task, be dependable, and have excellent delivery skills. The contract facilitator is responsible for scheduling his/her own work days, owning his/her work output, and finishing strong with all follow up and invoicing. This position has no direct supervisory responsibilities.


-  Consistently self-manage. You are independent contractor, owning your own time for preparation, travel and delivery. With self-management comes efficient use of time, accuracy, responsiveness, and all things that make you a joy to work with. 
-  Facilitate with inspiration. you must have strong delivery skills that have energy and engagement. Earn a 4.75 average rating or more, per workshop. 
-  Represent Duarte well. You are on the front line of engagement with Duarte clients. Your actions have a great deal of influence on the Duarte Brand and reputation. Your strive to exhibit a positive example for everyone. 
-  Communicate clearly. You represent a world-class communications firm, so communicating with consistency and clarity is important. You provide excellent workshop experience from client preconsult calls through to follow-up
-  Honor Duarte Clients. You exhibit commitment, integrity and trust when interacting with Duarte employees, other contractor facilitators, client and potential client. You build mutually respectful relationships and successful partnerships. 
-  Deliver with knowledge - and humility. You will be well trained in Duarte's methology. While that makes you a subject matter expert, you will deliver workshops from the position of a humble mentor, meeting attendees where they are at, and guiding them to adopt a new way of thinking. 
-  Adjust for your audience. You know how to read the room, and to adjust on the fly. Different tactics may need to be used on different audiences. You have confidence and experience to try and learn. 
-  Personalized lessons. You will be open and share your stories to underscore lessons and learning. 
-  Support Duarte's growth. You will share insights gained in the field, to improve workshop experiences and support potential new business. 
-  Deliver expert knowledge in PowerPoint. We're a presentation agency at our heart, and to deliver a Slide Making Lab, you come with deep knowledge about PowerPoint
-  Build a trusting work relationship. you demonstrate Duarte core values and high ethical business practices in everyday actions. 
-  Support others. You support team members- Duarte employees and other contract faciliators  - in shared responsibility, encouragement, open communication and trust. You are enthusiastic, friendly, honest, modest, flexible, dependable, and understanding of others needs and situations. And we, in turn, will be open, encouraging, supportive, and trusting of you

You need to have a combination of education, experience and ability, including:

-  Bachelor's degree or equivalent in marketing, business, teaching or design discipline
-  5 to 7 years of experience in a creative agency, client service company, teaching/learning environments, corporate speech language patholost, or other related fields
-  Indpendent contractor with source of income from at least 3 other work clients. Proof of other clients will be required. 
-  Stand and facilitate a room of 30+ people without amplification for 7+ hours, several days a week. 
-  Lift/carry from 1-25 pounds in workshop materials, to set-up workshop room
-  Excellent presentation skills to present information and respond to questions from groups of people. 
-  Working knoweldge of Mac OS and Windows. Expert in PowerPoint. Proficiency in Word, Microsoft Outlook for email and scheduling, and web browsers for learning management system access. 
-  Regular and required domestic travel via car or plane, with occasional international travel. 
-  Validdriver's license and passport required 
-  All necessary vaccinations and shots for international travel are to maintained
-  Outstanding leadership and organizational skills
-  Excellent communication skills to speak with clients and attendees, and write reports and other business correspondence.
-  Excellent problem-solving ability 

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