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Heritage of Pride, Inc. (HOP, NYC Pride, or the organization) is seeking to obtain services from a qualified designer or firm to provide graphic design services surrounding the organization’s 2018 events. The following document provides descriptive information on the proposed project. 

Founded in 1984, Heritage of Pride is a wholly volunteer-managed non-partisan, tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation that organizes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride events in New York City to commemorate and celebrate the Stonewall riots. Heritage of Pride works toward a future without discrimination where all people have equal rights under the law. HOP does this by producing LGBT Pride events that inspire, educate, commemorate and celebrate the diversity of the LGBT community.



Heritage of Pride’s distinguishing characteristics include:


Deep Experience: Heritage of Pride has been producing NYC Pride for over 31 years with a dedicated executive board of 15 volunteer individuals and five paid staff. NYC Pride was the original and first Pride demonstration of its kind in the United States.

Unparalleled Reach: HOP produces the largest Pride celebration in the country with over 2.1 million people in attendance attracting national and international visitors.

International Reach: Only 32% of HOP’s attendees identify as living in New York City metro resulting in a huge visitor draw for the city.

Multiple and Diverse Events: HOP produces several signature events including The Rally, PrideFest – The annual LGBT Street Festival, Teaze and Femme Fatale– Our women-specific dances, The NYC Pride March, Pride Luminaries Brunch, VIP Rooftop Party, OutCinema, Fantasy, Family Movie Night, Youth Pride, and Pride Island – a reimagined take of Dance on the Pier.

Constantly Changing: HOP has year round needs in website maintenance and upgrades due to the constant flow of information regarding the production of Pride events.

The organization has five full-year employees along with three seasonal staff members and utilizes an extensive volunteer base. The organization has one Managing Director that oversees the management of the organization as well as a Director of Operations, two Event Managers, and a Communications Manager.


Much of the organization’s branding is built on the historical nature of the LGBT community and the effects of LGBT culture over the years. Additionally, NYC Pride is an organization tasked at preserving and maintaining the uniqueness of LGBT culture.



The organization is seeking the design and execution of its 2018 promotional creative. This project is necessary to increase awareness for upcoming events and provide a clean, consistent brand image. A successful respondent to this RFP will be able to communicate to NYC Pride its proposed design approach and aesthetic for this project, to be executed across the following materials:

Media Credentials (10 - 15 types, little variation) 

10 - 12 Step & Repeat Banners in various sizes of 8’ x 10’, 8’ x 8’, and 8’ x 12’

On-site banners

Rally (3-4 variations)

Teaze (3-4 variations)

Femme Fatale (3-4 variations)

PrideFest (Stage and entry signage)

VIP Rooftop (4-5 types)

Fantasy ( 2 – 3 types)

OutCinema ( entry and décor )

Pride Island (3-4 variations)

Family Movie Night (2-3 variations)

March (15 variations)

Pride Luminaries Brunch ( entry & décor signage )

Print Ads (Various Sizes, Various Deadlines, Various Publications)

Pride Island – 2 versions

Teaze – 2 versions

All Events

Rally – 2 versions

VIP Rooftop

Pride Luminaries Brunch

Family Movie Night





Youth Pride

Femme Fatale


Digital AdsGeneral NYC Pride Creative  In Sizes:

Up to 10 different sizes

Sized social media images for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, Youtube

E-Blast Header Image

 Pride Island

In Sizes:

Up to 10 different sizes

E-Blast Header Image

Men’s Parties (Rooftop, Fantasy, Pride Island)In Sizes:

Up to 10 different sizes

E-Blast Header Image

Women’s Parties (Moxie, Teaze, Femme Fatale)In Sizes:

Up to 10 different sizes

E-Blast Header Image

 All Additional Events Listed Under Print

Facebook / Instagram sized


Talent images for Facebook and Instagram – Up to 15 – 20 artists

4 x 6 palm cards for each event (2 sided)

Avenue Banners – One design

Ticket Wrist Band Design (4 designs / multiple events)


Femme Fatale


Pride Island

VIP Rooftop





Possible support for sponsor signage needs

Theme logo creation

Gift Bag one color text design

Volunteer t-shirt layout front and back

12 - 16 different design layouts for front of shirt

1 design for back

Additional support for projects related to WorldPride 2019 / Stonewall 50

The organization’s objective in issuing the Request for Proposal (RFP) is to provide a means in which to select a single qualified provider to provide graphic design services. The organization will base the qualified provider selection on several criteria: 1) provider’s ability to meet organization’s requirements, 2) financial impact to the organization, 3) experience and qualifications, and 4) overall style and design approach


HOP must own, have full access to all creative produced and original Illustrator or Photoshop file.


Additionally, NYC Pride produces a publication called the PrideGuide. It is a printed lifestyle publication that comes in at around 144 – 160 pages. We are looking for our designer to additionally be the sole graphic designer of the publication. This person would layout, design, and come up with the creative aesthetic of the publication. Editorial begins to be shipped in late March to the designer for a book delivered to the printers by May 1, 2018. The cost for services should be included in the final cost of the bid. Designer will put a sizeable amount of hours in likely the last three weeks of April as the book begins to ship.

In 2018, the PrideGuide will expand to two issues (Pride & Holiday) to raise awareness for WorldPride 2019. Delivery Date: Mid-to-late November that comes in at around 130 – 150 pages.




The organization must receive responses to the RFP no later than 12:00pm on October 4, 2017.  Proposals should be delivered to:

Chris Frederick, Managing Director      Eboni Munn, Communications Manager

Heritage of Pride, Inc.                          Heritage of Pride, Inc.

154 Christopher St.                              154 Christopher St.

Suite 1D                                               Suite 1D

New York, NY 10014                            New York, NY 10014




Design work can be on-going and is not needed all at one time. Attached is a sample rundown of the 2017 deadlines for all various print / digital assets to provide insight on when certain ads will be due. The 2018 calendar has not been finalized and is consistently updated until June.


Additional projects might be added that are not in the original scope of the project. If that does happen, HOP will provide additional monetary support for said projects.


Ad creative is ongoing with sponsor logos being added up until the end of May. While creative can generally stay the same space for the addition of further sponsors needs to be taken into account. This is mainly just for print creative. Digital creative will not have more than one company logo included.




Chris Frederick (Managing Director) and Eboni Munn (Communications Manager) will be the primary contacts for this project. Additional team members may be assigned to the project depending upon the need.  The organization will rely on the selected vendor for project management resources.  



RFP release date                     September 11, 2017

Creative Concepts due             October 4, 2017

Finalist Interviews                     October 16, 2017

Proposal award date                November 14, 2017

Initial design meetings              November 16, 2017

First Creative Roll Out               January 8, 2018




1. Executive Summary


HOP is looking for authoritative recommendations on the items listed in the original description in order to scope the final project. Please provide a narrative insight into the proposed project. To the extent possible, responders should address the development effort and cost estimate for these items.


Please explain creative concepts with initial visuals to explain full depth of project. Please include a proposed timeline including key deliverables and milestones.


Address how much time would be needed for each creative concept presented.


Address any challenges you might face given that work will be ongoing until the end of June 2018.

2. Management Volume


Organizational structure: communications process; including lines of reporting and any special tools used.


Schedule of deliverables.

3. Budget Volume


Break down of cost is necessary.



Maintenance and support: Identify any additional costs that would be included that would be outside of original project scope.


Other charge areas: Please identify whether there will be other expenses, consulting fees, future work, etc. to complete this project.

Attachments – Please provide the following information:

Qualifications and Experience. Please provide relevant examples of work completed by you or your organization.

Biographies of all who will work this project.

Professional references.

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