Potsdam, Germany

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You are a great Researcher with 5+ years of professional experience and an educational background in:

Human Computer Interaction, Human Robot Interaction, Human Factors Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Interaction Design or a wide range of related fields;
an expert in using qualitative research methods and also familiar with quantitative techniques;
experienced in the design-thinking and human-centered design process

You can ensure that interactions, experiences & principles are grounded in research and refined based on real needs of diverse users;
identify focus areas for user research, select appropriate research methodologies/rapid prototype tools and synthesize user research results into actionable insights;
prepare research plans, coordinate, and run fieldwork and furthermore conduct user testings;
moderate design-thinking workshops

You have  research & prototyping superpowers that help us envision, design and validate future experiences;
great instincts and tenacity for looking beyond the surface and deconstructing complex interactions and tensions between technology and human behavior;
captivating storytelling abilities, a strong interest in latest research techniques, and enjoy working flexibly in teams

Please apply by sending
portfolio, CV, cover letter,
start date and #Job I D
201720-VFCE-X to:

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