Senior UX Designer

St. Louis, MO, USA

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Synechron is looking for Senior UX Designer with a strong UX Design background, strong analytical skills, extensive experience with interactive work on the product/application side, visual and graphic design experience, and someone who has the skills and experience that a creative director would have.


You will be expected to work independently as well as collaboratively to deliver insights and designs that shape the future direction of the company. This positions reports to our Head of Experience Design.


·         Understands that UX is about making things easier, clearer, and more useful for users

·         Empathizes with and acts as an end user advocate

·         Displays the passion to solve complex problems while delivering thoughtful responsive designs

·         Doesn’t mind wearing multiple hats (conduct user research, sketch on a whiteboard, create wires and/or conduct usability testing)

·         Listens well, has experience working with users and has strong observation skills

·         Has the ability to clearly present and sell their designs

·         Is open to new ideas, suggestions and feedback

·         Proposes obtainable solutions and can manage multiple projects on deadlines



·         Join a growing UX team which focuses on designing the next generation of interactive applications

·         Gather and create requirements from a user's perspective

·         Work with product teams to understand existing problems

·         Speak with users to learn more about their needs and concerns

·         Analyze user research

·         Work with other members of the UX team to define effective design solutions

·         Solve complex problems by utilizing existing patterns or creating new patterns based on user research and business goals

·         Design user interaction, user flows, wireframes, and create prototypes when necessary

·         Present and sell UX designs to product and development teams

·         Lead usability testing efforts to validate design and incorporate improvements

·         Work with developers to ensure the product is being developed as per the design



·         5+ years working as a UX designer for business or enterprise web applications

·         A strong portfolio demonstrating your relevant design work

·         Strong background in creative Interactive/product applications

·         Possesses leadership qualities

·         VIsual and graphic design experience

·         Knowledge of current trends

·         Ability to quickly create working prototypes in tools like Axure

·         Experience conducting user research (user interviews, contextual inquiry, usability testing, etc.)

·         Solid understanding of how to incorporate insights from user research into designs

·         Ability to clearly articulate design decisions with product team (including UX, product management, and development)


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