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New York, NY, USA

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ICI is a multidisciplinary design firm working with a number of top tier companies on brand design, business development, and advertising. We're seeking a new group of broad-thinking Interaction Designers who can work with us to conceptualize, design, and coordinate building of a range of web and mobile experiences. People on our teams are generally, deep critical thinkers who thrive in a creative design-driven environment. This is an opportunity to work outside the common corporate design structure with direct access to decision makers. 

We do not maintain a web presence but have a long history in the branding, proudct design, business development, and advertising worlds and would be glad to share our work with you in person. Please email us at with the subject line "Interaction Designer" as well as applying through Behance to make sure we can review your work.


From our Interaction Designers we look for:

Advanced experience designing complex web and mobile applications with the ability to create and communicate wireframes, responsive templates and interaction design; with deliverables ranging in fidelity from concept and vision to detailed interaction design and creation of production-ready assets.

Expert grasp of typography and visual design, ability to collaborate with traditional design teams to translate brand strategy and creative direction to meaningful and beautiful digital experiences.

General understanding of front-end development for the purposes of effectively and creatively designing within limitations and communicating with development teams, though no coding will be required for this position.

Interdisciplinary, open-minded approach to problem solving, with a strong capacity for both logical and creative thinking.

Ability to quickly iterate in a fast-moving startup environment, with the flexibility and desire to take on different roles outside of your core  job description.

Passionate follower of trends and innovation in tech, design, social media, etc

• Strong appetite for a fast-paced, iterative, highly creative environment
• Flexibility to switch focus between multiple projects, with a willingness to contribute to tasks and activities outside of a prescribed job description (startup environment)
• Enthusiastic about a multi-disciplinary environment with the opportunity to develop and apply skills to different areas and projects
• Avid follower of trends and innovations in technology, design, fashion, culture

We value intelligence and talent above all else else and strongly believe in individuality and supporting personal development. 

Please email us at with the subject line "Interaction Designer" as well as applying through Behance to make sure we can review your work.



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