Shenzhen, China

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部门: 设计部

哈曼国际是全球有名的高质高保真度的音响和电子产品领导品牌公司,其产品广泛运用于车载,生活及专业领域。哈曼设计中心是电子消费类产品的核心,包括以下几个著名的品牌:JBL, Harman Kardon, AKG Infinity。你将会加入一个文化多样,获奖无数的设计部,在这里,尽情展示你的个人能力和人格魅力吧!










•   帮助设计师创造以客户为中心的设计和产品体验,对品牌产生积极效应

•   创造与科技同步的最赞的音乐体验

•   敏锐的趋势知觉,将趋势转化为新的概念和产品

•   对项目负责,制作PPT,与各部门协同跟进项目进程,确保项目输出准时,向设计经理报告

•   在项目前端,确保设计是可行可造并对用户有价值的

•   优秀的沟通能力

•   运用色彩和材料创造独一无二的产品,改善大众的生活体验


•   极具创造力的人文环境

•   自由发展和丰富我们的品牌,影响品牌的未来,将为你带来不一样的深刻体验

•   灵活度极高的工作环境,在这里,只要努力和激情,就可以被认可

•   极具竞争力的薪酬 


•   对音乐和设计充满热情,喜欢街头文化,运动,时尚,喜欢新挑战

•   工业设计学士/硕士学位

•   学习能力强,全面细致的观察力

•   有工业设计经验优先考虑

•   具有独一无二的创造力

•   可以控制整个设计的过程,有力沟通,擅于解决问题,可以融入我们极具文化多样性的团队文化。

•   良好运用3D软件,如Rhino/ Solidworks以及所有的Adobe软件。

•   对图像渲染(Keyshot)有一定了解

•   结果导向,积极的团队成员

•   外向,热情,具备幽默感

•   英语能力优秀,如还会其他语种优先考虑

Position Description

Working location: Shenzhen

Working language: English

Time for internship: 6 months

Please be noticed that all the internship only open for current students who with PRC Resident ID.



The right candidate will be a hands on designer that can create consumer-centered designs and experiences with a positive impact on the brand and the world.

·         Innovate with technologies to deliver the best music experience.

·         Have the opportunity to be part the design team shaping the future of the brand, put your fingerprint on the industry.

·         Spot lifestyle tendencies and turn them into new concepts along with multidisciplinary design teams.

·         Work on projects, deliver presentations and maintain project manager contact.

·         Be responsible for your projects progress and report to our design leads.

·         The designer should work on front end stages of the project and make sure the design is viable, manufacturable and valued by users.

·         Effectively communicate conceptual ideas, detailed design, and design rational verbally and visually.

·         Use Color and materials to create innovative designs to that become an integral part of peoples lifestyles.

·         Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to execute on project objectives, deliverables and timelines.

We offer:

The chance to work with some of the best creative brains in the industry

The freedom to develop and nourish the Harman owned Brands, JBL, harman/kardon, AKG, and Infinity.

An informal and social work environment where hard work and enthusiasm is rewarded.

Competitive compensation for your time spent working during your internship program.

You are:

Passionate in sound, design and are willing to meet new challenges

Bachelor/Master degree in Industrial design.

Quick learner that can focus on the big picture as well as details.

Experience in Industrial design is a plus.

An awesome creative designer.

The ideal candidate will possess design, problem solving, communication, and visualization skills, and excel in a multi-functional team culture. Good visual communication skills are a necessity.

Passionate about design, street culture, sports, music and fashion.

Ability to use 3D software, such as Rhino or Solidworks, as well as all the Adobe suite.

Knowledge of photorealistic renderings (Keyshot).

Result-orientated and a motivated team player.

Outgoing, passionate and with an excellent sense of humor.

Knowledge of English, other languages are a plus.

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