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Graphic Designer for Branding and Social Media (Volunteer, Remote)

Mobile App Prototype Design - Social Equality & Future of Work

Peopled’s mission is to revolutionise social impact for Purposeful organisations. Our software-based collaboration platform addresses multifaceted challenges with a singular, powerful digital solution. We understand that measuring impact, mobilising volunteers, and allocating funds strategically are crucial endeavors for entities committed to creating a meaningful difference. Our Peopled hub empowers organisations to make quick, informed decisions, forge meaningful connections, and illuminate transparent outcomes. Not only magnifying the impact of the cause, but doing so in one digital marketplace. 

We are on the hunt for either a brand/graphic designer or social media/digital marketer who has design skills e.g. can design social media posts as well as design creative assets. If you know of anyone, connect me/send me their details.

This role will play a key part in our foundation by working with the Brand and Marketing Lead to market the prototype of our MVP. Perfect for someone who is purpose-led, and wants to build on their creative portfolio, whilst also being exposed to the exciting and fast-paced nature of a startup.. that is genuinely doing good!

your experience and opinions will be invaluable to help us evolve to the right direction and shape one more foundational part of our history.

Peopled was founded in March 2023 and trademarked in 3 countries. We have draft wireframes with feedback from over 80 interviews with people from various ethnicities, gender identities, and disabilities, to incorporate diverse needs and we wish to continuously improve our inclusive design. We are participating in the Remarkable Design-athon for Inclusive Future of Work and the Founders Institute Spring Program.

Our vision is to impact the life of hundreds of millions of people worldwide servicing them in improving their lives and communities. Our immediate priority is to have an interactive prototype by end of July to support our current engagement with communities in discussing how we can best support them.

Kindly send us your CV/creative portfolio. It will be lovely to receive a cover letter learning more about you and your motivation in joining us as a volunteer in this role (optional).

We look forward to hearing from you!

Bryn Robert Berry

Peopled Brand & Marketing Lead

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Not required - Remote okay

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November 20th, 2023