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Brand Identity and Webflow Site for Real Estate Business

Job Description

The scope of the project is to create a simple brand identity and user-editable website in Webflow



Basic Brand Guidelines (Color, Typography)

Business Card Design

Letterhead Design

11x17 Presentation Title Block Design

3-5 Page User-Editable Website in Webflow

Search engine optimization

Analytics integration


Between 5-10k USD depending on the scope of services provided

About The Company

Felix Associates is a small design-focused residential architecture firm based in San Diego, California.

In January 2022, the State of California enacted a new law titled “Senate Bill 9 - Home Act” that allows homeowners to split their existing lots and either sell or develop the subdivided portion.

We are looking to create a sister company, tentatively named “Pacific Lot Splits”, which will provide SB9 lot split permitting services in the greater San Diego area. The goal is to make it easy for homeowners to take advantage of California’s new SB9 “Home Act” law by providing a one stop shop for design, permitting, and sales of SB9 lot splits.

While "Pacific Lot Splits" is focused specifically on providing services for lot splits, our forthcoming sister / parent company “Homeworks” will provide homeowners with comprehensive services for SB9 development. See for a comprehensive description of the law.

The subsidiary will be comprised of seasoned local architects, engineers, and real estate professionals who are experts and pioneers of this emerging real estate typology.


The objective of this project is to take advantage of a gap in the local market to establish “Pacific Lot Splits” as the preeminent expert service provider for lot splits in the San Diego market. By creating a strong digital presence in local organic search results and media, we hope to be first to market as a SB9-specific services provider dedicated to the San Diego area.

We have no current marketing materials or web presence - this project will be starting from scratch.


From a design perspective, the objective is to create a simple, easy to understand identity and web brochure for our services. It should clearly communicate a very specific local focus and human element. Our primary competitors in this space are larger tech-backed and profit driven organizations that are designed to scale to service the largest area possible (see,

In contrast, our development company, while not explicitly a non-profit organization, is a mission-driven outfit run by a handful of local professionals who are exclusively focused on our own city. We are genuinely interested in solving housing problems and providing homeownership and wealth building opportunities to people who would not have access to them without these laws and our assistance in navigating them.

By establishing a presence and identity that clearly expresses local knowledge and values, we hope to establish ourselves as the clear choice when looking for a SB9 Lot Split service provider in the San Diego area.

Brand adjectives:





Hint of fun (SD character)



Slight hint of coastal / aquatic / outdoor character

The target audience of this project is existing homeowners in middle-upper middle income areas of San Diego County.

Typical customer:

Age: 50-75

Description: Established professional at the end of their career looking to do one of the following:

-Downsize and capture the value of the land they don’t need by selling the undeveloped lot

-Add additional housing to their lot for younger family members, parents, or siblings who could not afford to live nearby otherwise - in our target markets within San Diego, building a new house is significantly less expensive than purchasing an existing property.

-Develop passive rental income properties on the unused portion of their lot

-Develop for sale housing on the unused portion of their lot for cash profit

They are financially solvent, responsible, easy to work with, and are interested in preserving / enhancing the quality / character of their neighborhood while allowing it to grow.

They are looking for the best service provider and partner for their needs, not the cheapest.

Thanks for looking!!!

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Job Location


On Site Required

Not required - Remote okay

Job Posted

November 14th, 2023