Jim Rogers

Boo Yeah

Birmingham, United Kingdom
Hello there I’m Jim or James if this is my mother reading. I draw a lot so, luckily as it turns out I work as a full time illustrator based in Birmingham.

When I was a little kid, copying pictures out of The Beano was my favorite past time but eventually, I managed to stop copying out of comics and began to create my own characters, just in time for me to graduate from Bath Spa Uni with a BA in illustration.

I eventually returned to the lovely West Midlands where I became a designer at branding agency ORB and have since worked for such clients as The REP, NHS, Future Publishing, Screen West Midlands and Birmingham City Council.

I’m a lover of classic movies, comics, retro art, Tunnocks Caramel Bars and all things pop culture. These things influence my work greatly (maybe not the chocolate bars but they keep me going). I love working on computer but I tend to start everything with pens, paints and paper so it has that hand drawn touch.

If you like the way I draw and would like me to draw something for you, then get in touch.

Work Experience


Creative Designer

Present Birmingham, United Kingdom


Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Hand Drawn Illustration, Pen And Ink, Vector Illustration , Watercolor,