Jeffrey Lindberg

Lindberg Illustration & Design LLC

South Orange, NJ, USA
The paintings and illustrations that I have created in my career have always started with a story. For me, even the simplest image is based on the narrative of what is is about. Why would a user click on that icon? Is it because the recognize it as something familiar- enough so so that they have to touch it? My illustrations, even the most elaborate, are about the story behind it. Sometimes it's just a moment- like a snapshot. Others are more utilitarian because they merely perform a function- like many icons do.
The artwork/images that I create in the future will undoubtedly be about the story. Whether it's personal projects that I just HAVE to create because they are in my head, or the assignments from clients who need someone to interpret their vision- there will always be the underlying idea that gets my creativity churning.

Work Experience

Kean University

Adjunct Professor of Art

Professor in Fine Arts department at Kean University teaching computer graphics as an art making medium. I teach Photoshop to a variety of fine art students, who learn to use digital media as part of their artistic process, integrated with traditional painting and drawing.
New Jersey, United States

Bloomfield College

Adjunct Professor of Art

Teaching illustration and design concepts to video game designers
Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States



Illustration & Design consultant for interactive graphics and illustration for tech company
October 2010 - March 2012 Oakland, New Jersey, United States


William Paterson University

Master of Fine Art

Graduated 2005 with MFA in studio art
Wayne, New Jersey, United States


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Illustration, Fine Arts, Illustration, Multimedia, Teaching,