Jan De Bruyn

Graphic Designer

Work Experience


Software Engineer • UI/UX Designer

.NET application development
Web development
UI/UX design
July 2021 -

Verhaert Masters In Innovation

Graphic Designer

I'm the main visual support for projects. Any project lead can ask me to make anything graphical, from websites to presentations, to logos and icons, to technical illustrations for manuals, to promotional images... Anything to help them sell the idea to the client, or when it's already sold, anything to make the client happy.
February 2019 - June 2019 Belgium


Graphic Designer • UI/UX Designer

I was the main designer for all marketing and software needs. It started as pure marketing design position - gradually I was asked to bring my experience to the development team as a UI and UX consultant. I designed the last version of XperiDo from scratch, together with the developers. All the while I kept making marketing materials: print, web & video.
June 2013 - December 2018