Irene Salvadeo

Graphic designer

Milano, Italy

Work Experience



September 2019 - Milano, Italy


Graphic Designer

July 2018 - Milano, Italy

GfG / Gruppe Für Gestaltung

Graphic designer

April 2017 - April 2017 Bremen, Germany

GfG / Gruppe Für Gestaltung

Graphic designer internship

January 2017 - March 2017 Bremen, Germany


Graphic designer internship

October 2016 - December 2016 Bremen, Germany


Graphic designer internship

The period spent working in IKEA was born from the desire to carry out an internship at the factory in Sesto Fiorentino.
During this period I flanked a professional graphic designer who helped me to complete what has been my journey of academic studies.
On this occasion I was able to understand the most practical side of communication. I have in fact been able to study the environments of the store, and as the audience enters into a relationship with them, understanding how the viewers follow a precise path that leads them to pay more attention to certain areas of the space.
After understanding the behavior of the public in an environment I could figure out how to get in touch observers with advertisements, slogans, signs etc ...
After that I understood where to place an advertisement, I could collaborate with other experts in different fields to create a communication totalitarian, that could communicate both with the users and with the surrounding environment.
During this internship I could also work with different personalities, that range from designers, graphic designers, masons etc ... .
After the creation phase I have also been able to learn on the field the steps of the concrete implementation, namely those for printing, laminating, laser cutting and finally of the postings.
February 2014 - June 2014 Florence, Italy


Graphic designer

The collaboration with Changing! has been constant. For this association I created the logo and corporate identity, as well as several advertising campaigns for the defense of animals.
In addition to the graphic works was assigned to me the task of administering the site and the facebook page of the association.
Again for this association I realized my thesis project, which consists of an advertising vegan campaign.
January 2013 - May 2015 La Spezia, Italy


ISIA Firenze

Diploma di I livello in Disegno Industriale

Elements of physics 28/30
Basic design 29/30
Drawing and morphology 29/30
English 30/30
Basic design II 29/30
Descriptive and projective geometry 27/30
Communication theory 30/30
History of arts and techniques 30/30
Visual research 30/30
Informatics 30/30
Rendering 27/30
Sociology 29/30
Graphic composition 30/30
Composition 30/30
Multimedia languages 29/30
Design history 30/30
Designing II 30 With honors
CAD 28/30
Technical drawing Operating 30/30
Semiotics 30 With honors
Technology 29/30
Management Professional Activity 30/30
Industrial design 30/30
Economy 30 With honors
Graphic design 27/30
History and criticism of design 26/30
Engineering 28/30
September 2011 - March 2015 Florence, Italy


Italian (Native),
English (Advanced),
German (Conversational),