Irene Ramos Lapesa

💡Restless Mind & Industrial Designer

✴ About Irene:
During her Bachelor’s degree, Irene acquired technical knowledge about how the products of the industry work. Despite having obtained the best marks during her degree in Spain, Irene is more than just a qualified engineer. During her studies, she won the Slowwalk shoe design contest and her design is on the market now, realizing her creative and artistic skills, as well as being rational and effective. Then, she got a scholarship to come to Sweden and she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Industrial Design in Jönköping. One of her designs has been exhibited during the Design Week of Stockholm and she has been selected for the TED Mint Projects in collaboration with Separett and Hags. Her profile is multidisciplinary, combining technique and aesthetics, UCD Design, and marketing.

✴ About Collage de Ideas:
Irene is creative, curious, enthusiastic, and... ambitious. Before leaving Spain, she started Collage de ideas, a YouTube channel where she divulges about industrial design to approach design to young people and make design knowledge more accessible.
The channel was created in July 2019, and in one year it has already achieved:
·More than 450,000 total views
·18,000 subscribers (+1,000 subscribers per month)
·Videos that exceed 80,000 views (almost 4 times more than current subscribers),
Becoming the benchmark industrial design channel in Spanish-speaking YouTube.

Work Experience


Master Thesis - UX & Sustainable Design

Research on how user experience, perception of quality and sustainable materials are connected through Kansei Engineering.

Replacing materials for sustainable alternatives basing decisions not only on functionality but also on user experience. Not taking it into account could affect the perception of quality and therefore sales, customer satisfaction, and negative repercussions on the reputation of the brand.

Thesis topic: Quality Perception Study through Kansei Engineering in sustainable materials for Volvo Cars.

The project has consisted of an exhaustive study of research and user tests to identify through Kansei Engineering or Affective Engineering which are the visual and tactile characteristics that determine that a sustainable material is perceived as better quality than others. Kansei Engineering is a Japanese concept developed by Mitsuo Nagamachi in 1970 that takes consumer impressions and feelings on products and helps make new designs with a higher quality of user experience.
The goal of Volvo Cars is to verify which sustainable alternatives to chromo Cr VI are most effective concerning the users' perception of quality.
January 2021 - Present Jönköping, Sweden


Industrial Designer Intern

Designing an ecosystem of small kitchen appliances in a free-range design team. Involving benchmarking, user studies, product design and prototyping.
October 2020 - January 2021 Älmhult, Sweden

Be Creative Academy

Social Media Strategist and Communicator

Development of live interviews with design professionals in webinar format.
Creation, development, and application of marketing strategies in social media.
September 2020 - Spain


Industrial Design Content Creator

Creator of content in the dissemination of industrial design through the Collage of Ideas channel on YouTube.
This channel was created due to the lack of information on the internet about design, and more specifically, about industrial design.
The goal is to bring design closer to young people and make design knowledge more accessible.

· Informational videos on industrial design studies
· Useful resources and tutorials for designers
· Videos explaining design concepts
· Video Vlogs about my experience studying design in Sweden
· Videos about history, culture, and news about design.
July 2019 -


Spanish Teacher Online

Work activities:
-Designing and implementing learning situations for students who study Spanish as a foreign language.
-Using different teaching methods to stimulate interest and learning.
-Using ICT as a tool to facilitate the teaching and learning process of the students. (zoom, skype)
-Preparing activities that promote communicative interaction.

-Linguistic skills.
-Good communication skills.
-Resolute person.
-Possess organizational skills.
-Innovative person who adapts to change.
-Ability to work with different methodologies and using ICT.
July 2019 - Present


Design Speaker (online)

Lecture about “Collage of Ideas, the potential of RRSS for design”, for the Design Week of the National University Guillermo Brown (Argentina) with guests such as Cristian Mohaded, Siemens México, and Division Creative Lab among others.
August 2020 - August 2020 Buenos Aires, Argentina


Design Thinking Speaker (online)

Speaker selected to give a workshop about “How to start my idea” through design thinking to engineering students at the Technical University of Lima, Peru, for the “Reto Covid-19”-contest, i. e. a contest about solving the challenges we have to face due to Covid-19. Its objective is to devise a solution to improve the current situation in sectors that have been hit hard by the global pandemic, e. g. the health, education, and tourism sector, among others.
The workshop was held using interactive online tools like Jamboard and Google meet.
Lima, Peru


Industrial Design Internship

Irene was selected to participate in the TED Mint Project which was organized in collaboration with the company Hags. During this project, a modular product family concept has been developed in a multidisciplinary team with students from India, Sweden, Spain, and France.
March 2020 - March 2020 Aneby, Sweden


Industrial Design Internship

Irene was the student selected to participate in the TED Mint Project in collaboration with the company Separett to develop a waterless toilet for developing countries working in a multidisciplinary team with students from India and Israel.
November 2020 - November 2020 Värnamo, Sweden

Pastelerías Manuel Segura

Shop Assistant & Graphic Designer

-Placard design for the Manuel Segura Pastry Museum.
-Product placements.
-Available stock control.
-Attention, advice, and sale to clients.
July 2020 - July 2020 Zaragoza, Spain


Industrial and Graphic Designer Internship

Carrying out graphic design tasks for the Centro Aragonés de Diseño Industrial and being part of the team in the workshops of Wow! Diseño, industrial design dissemination workshops in high schools throughout Aragón.
November 2018 - July 2019 Spain


Jönköping University

Master’s degree in Science with a major in Product Development, specialization in Industrial Design

Design Communication
Design Philosophy and Practice
Industrial Product Realization in Collaboration
Materials and Design
Design Communication (Alias)
Business And Economy
Industrial Design Project
Industrial Placement
Design and Emotion
August 2019 - Present Sweden

Universidad De Zaragoza

Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development

Computer programming (Java)
Aesthetics and History of Design
Artistic Expression
Industrial Drawings
Fundamentals and Mandatory Product Communication
Computer Aided Design (Inventor, Solidworks)
Mechanism design
Design Methods and Process
Product statistics and reliability
Economic and business aspects of design
Electrical and electronic technology
Graphic Design Applied to Products (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)
Manufacturing Processes
Product Development
Marketing Management and Legal Aspects of Design
Design Project Management
User Interaction Product (Adobe XD)
Service Design
September 2016 - May 2020 Spain


Ingles (Advanced),
Español (Native),

Design Exhibited in Stockholm Furniture Fair

Irene's stool design was chosen to be exhibited at the Stockholm Design Week Furniture Fair with around 40,000 visitors from more than 60 countries.
The design was a stool named Relativity Stool, which was inspired by a famous painting by the architect M.C. Escher (a great role model for Irene).
In this painting, he uses stairs to express that perspective, as well as the world in general, is relative. Drawing on his idea, Irene included this very element in the design of her stool, thus making it special, unique, and recognizable.