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Ray Chan

2D Concept Artist

San Francisco, CA, USA

My name is Ray Chan and I am a 2D concept artist with over 5+ Years of experience in the casual, social and mobile games industry.

I am highly proficient in Abode Photoshop and Proficient creating vector artwork in Adobe illustrator, and am able to create original concepts/ideas and follow through from concept to final.
Notable achievements include working on 2 top selling titles with minimal resources, co-founding my own casual game company, and being involved as a lead artist in the mobile game Zombie Farm Escape.

Currently, I am working as a Senior Artist at The PlayForge creating original concepts, vector art, and design for iOS games.

I thrive in a creative team environment and am always excited to meet new and talented people.

Work Experience

King Digital

Game Artist

Responsible for creating high quality artwork to be used in the Mobile and Facebook game: Pet Rescue Saga.

•Illustrating background concepts, world map, and some UI elements for Pet Rescues bi-weekly episode releases. Involved from beginning concept stage to final art.
•Implemented art and UI elements in Flash for Facebook and XML for Mobile version of the game. Implementing, testing, and releasing new features. Communicated with all stakeholders of new features including: UX, Art Directors, and project managers to ensure the feature is correct and in line with everyone’s expectations.
•Challenges included learning new software (Flash, and XML) and maintaining quality and release for one of Kings top grossing mobile games in the app store and working with a new team.
•Accomplishments included learning how to implement UI elements with Flash and XML in a short amount of time, creating new art for the bi-weekly release schedule and keeping communication with all members of the team.
April 2014 - Present Malmö, Sweden

The Playforge

Senior Concept Artist

Lead and Senior art experience at The PlayForge creating high quality artwork to be used in mobile games.

Responsibilities include:
-Illustrating and concepting original 2D vector art assets for mobile games, creating work in both vector art and digital painting
-Assigning work to and communicating with both outsource and in-house game artists though feedback, evaluations and critique to ensure a good final product.
-Creating original concept art and mockups for prototypes for games in development
-Conceptualizing UI from the point of view of the player
-Collaborating with engineering team, product managers, and everyone else to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has quality in mind
January 2013 - November 2013 San Francisco, California, United States

Idle Games


Worked as an illustrator for Facebook Social game: Idle Worship.

Responsible for creating in game art assets, drafting concepts, game icons, coloring animations, and promotion/marketing images.

Organized and committed game asset files to Versions (SVN) client.

Communicated with Art directors, animators, and other illustrators to ensure a consistent and quality product from concept to final.
April 2012 - September 2012 San Francisco, California, United States

6waves Lolapps

2D Artist

Created concept art for Buildings, Decorations, Characters, and Promotional art to be used for Facebook social games: Ravenwood Fair and Ravenskye City.

Worked closely with Game Designers, Animators, Art leads, and UI artists in the production pipeline to ensure a quality product from concept to final.
September 2011 - March 2012 San Francisco, California, United States

Orca Games

Lead Artist

Founded independent causal game studio with only 3 core members each specializing in Game Design, Programming, and myself as Art.
Oversaw the daily work schedule, month to month deadlines, and company budgeting
Acted as both Art Lead and part Creative Director during the project. Creating concepts, writing story, scripts for cut scenes, researching market trends, determining the overall artistic style.
Communicated with outsourcing contractors and companies and sending concepts to polish and complete.
April 2010 - July 2011 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Vast Studios

2D Artist

Worked for over 2 years as a concept artist in a Toronto based game development studio. I originally started at Vast as a background concept artist, but over time i have expanded my skills to a user interface design concept artist, and cinematic storyboard artist.

Responsible for creating highly detailed background art, User interface design, and various art assets to be used in Hidden Object games.

Worked closely with producers, game designers, programmers and other artists to ensure a quality product from concept to final.
April 2008 - March 2011 Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Ontario College Of Art And Design (OCAD University)

Bachelor of Illustration

studied illustration,

-produced several self published comic books
-founded the OCAD Comic Group 2004-2006
-published yearly book collecting comic work from members
-Winner of the Stanley Furnival Millenium Scholarship 2006
-Work Featured in 3x3 Magazines Illustration Annual
September 2002 - April 2008 Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Concept Art, 2D Design, Environment Art, Illustration, Storyboarding, UI Design ,



Pet Rescue Saga:

Zombie Farm Escape:
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Idle Worship:

Ravenskye City:
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