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David Mahoney

Freelance Illustrator // Adobe Community Professional

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
07403 163316
My name is David Mahoney I am a student at the University of Edinburgh studying Product Design. Since an early age I have had a strong interest and enthusiasm for creativity and found myself spending a great deal of time exploring ideas, which has developed into the passionate approach I have towards my design work today. I always push what is expected of me and challenge expectation of what should be produced.

I have been fortunate to gain experience at an early age working for a wide range of clients in all aspects of industrial design, product design and digital arts. I am a huge believer in the ideology of 'It's not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen'. I have the confidence to move my concepts from pen and paper to fruition in a short period of time, as I find the best practice of thinking is done by using my hands and through ‘doing things’.

To help support my degree course funding, I am a freelance illustrator. My signature style of illustration named ‘Tradigital’ is my exploration into merging both traditional mediums and digital applications and tools. Keeping tradition alive is important in an increasingly digital age. I work to capture texture and brush strokes, something very difficult in digital applications such as Photoshop. I use a variety of mediums such as squid ink to capture the rich textures and pigments that are difficult to replicate using digital applications. I have worked for clients such as Adobe, Daler-Rowney, Escoda, NBA Rareink, MLB Rareink, Advance Photoshop Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine, Digital Arts Magazine and Vivienne Westwood Boheme.

In 2013 I became an endorsed artist with Daler-Rowney and furthermore became sponsored by Escoda Brushes for my work in pioneering techniques for using both traditional tools with digital applications. Furthermore I was made an Officially Licenced Artist with the NBA and MLB with Rareink in 2013 and since then have been producing illustrations for the NBA and MLB of iconic players such as Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter and Babe Ruth for limited edition framed canvas and paper prints.

In late 2013 I was granted the 99U Scholarship In partnership with Samsung and Adobe for my holographic projection technology. The Scholarship was awarded to the top 25 young entrepreneurs and designers globally. I was invited to attend the 99U Pop-Up School in New York. As a 99U Scholar I was asked to lead a discussion on ‘the benefits of an analogue and digital workflow’ and two other topics organised by myself. During my visit to America I was approached by Adobe for an interview during this time I was connected to the AMEA Adobe team. Since that connection with Adobe team I have been working for Adobe as a Representative. Currently I run frequent tutorials on using the new Creative Cloud suite and attending local creative events on behalf of Adobe.

In November of 2013 I organised the first ever Behance Portfolio Review in Scotland, an opportunity for creatives in Edinburgh to receive feedback on their creative work from industry leaders and experts. The success of the event has prompted the creation of Behance Scotland in partnership with Behance. Being the Community Leader for Behance I have had the responsibility of curating creative work from those Behance members in Scotland and the organisation of portfolio reviews. It has been my passion to make ideas happen and having the ability to empower talent with the tools and connections to do the same has been made possible by my role as the Community Leader.

One of my key strengths is that I am very enthusiastic about making things. I think passion is a key part of the design process. I enjoy responding to people's interactions with forms and how my observations can be turned into powerful design opportunities. I also enjoy trying new things and to experiment in order to understand my target user and how I can further develop my concepts with the client.

The opportunities I have experience so far in both my product design and digital arts work has conditioned me to strive to do more whilst I am continuing my studies at the University of Edinburgh and to seek out additional experience in creative industry.
United Kingdom
Feb 2014Present
Community Professional
United Kingdom
Sep 2013Present
Student Representative
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Sep 2010Present
Client Experience
Advanced Photoshop Magazine // 2014
Adobe // 2013
Escoda // 2013
NBA Rareink // 2013
Computer Arts Magazine // 2013
MLB Rareink // 2013
Boheme Vivienne Westwood // 2013
Digital Arts Magazine // 2012
Saucony // 2011
99U Scholarship
Design and Design Award
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Keyshot 4, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Rhino, Solidworks
United Kingdom
Sep 2012Present
University of Edinburgh
Product Design
Awards + Press
2013 // Adobe 99U Scholarship “Class of 2013”
Samsung Accelerator NYC

2012 // Design and Design Award
Design and Design

2014 // Issue #118
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Advance Photoshop Magazine

2013 // Issue #219
'Paint it, Black: Music in Monochrome'
Computer Arts Magazine

2012 // Feature
'Create Your Own Tradigital Artwork'
Digital Arts Magazine

2014 // Feature
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Digital Arts Magazine

2013 // Honorable Mention
ProSite of the Month

2013 // Interview + Feature
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2013 // Talk
Roundtable Discussion
99U Pop-Up School

2013 // Interview
"What Makes Smart Branding?"
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2012 // Feature
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