Diarmuid Mac Cormack

Design Systems Lead

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
• To be recognized as a top Design System Lead.

• To always work in an environment that promotes the production of high-quality, effective visual communications and intuitive interactive design.

• To remain open to new and exciting developments in my profession while maintaining a high level of expertise and creativity.

Work Experience

Hudsons Bay Company

Design System Lead

I was the Design System at Hudsons Bay Company based in Ontario Canada. I created, maintained, distributed, promoted and managed a multi-tier Design System called 'Cascade' to support Product Design and Engineering teams across two e-commerce divisions called Zellers and The Bay.

When I joined the company they did not have a design system in place which for me was a delight as I specialize in building them from the ground up.

I created a robust centrally served modular system that promotes visual consistency and speed. I also directed the Engineers in the creation of a Component Library to serve UI Builds.

Responsibilities included

- Selling the system and ROI to senior management and stakeholders.
- Creating bridges across multiple levels of interaction between design and engineering.
- Running JIRA sprints and monthly releases of Design System updates.
- Running workshops and clinics for our Product Designers (Helps promote use and contribution)
- Managing, governing, curating and promoting a suite of shared libraries.
- Being the 'glue that unites the two' between design and engineering i.e. a key collaborator and partner between design and development teams.
- Promote, own and maintain our design language and style guides.
- Recording tips, tricks and tutorials for our Design team.
- Building and curating a library of shared resources to keep current with industry news and developments.
- Attending and participation in Design System guilds and networks.
January 2022 - Ontario, Canada

Morgan Stanley

Design System Lead

I lead the creation, management, and distribution of our global design system, supporting a team of 42 designers and 100s of engineers across the Globe. I designed and managed Desktop and Mobile shared libraries, crafted to support our Engineering partners distribute our MSUI component explorer framework to 1000s of developers across the organization.

My role included
- Publishing monthly release updates through JIRA release notes supported by video tutorials I also created for the release.
- Hosting and running Figma tutorial workshops.
- Creating developer 'handoff' standards for Product Design handoff to Developers.
- Hosting Agile grooming sessions and retrospectives to gauge work done and work to do.
- Sharing tips and tricks and best practices with our design teams at all times through Slack posts.
- Promoting the design system through outreach to other departments to increase awareness and hence adoption.
- Reporting ROI to our leaders by running speed tests in our design teams to gauge efficiency.
- Attending workshops and conferences to remain sharp in my skillset.
- Liaising constantly with our Engineer partners.
- Crafting Styleguides.
- Creating, promoting and injecting Design Tokens into our Engineer's workflow.
July 2013 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Senior Product Designer

I was a senior Product Designer on a large UX team at Qualcomm. I was responsible for translating UX research and business objectives into effective visual UI design solutions and compelling user experiences for mobile, web, TV and standalone digital devices.
California, United States


Lead Visual Designer

I was lead designer on a small inhouse team of designers for a large healthcare business in San Diego
June 2012 - December 2012 San Diego, California, United States


Senior Designer

I was hired at Adnetinc as senior website designer to support their huge workload primarily for website design for the natural resource industry. In the 4 years at Adnet I successfully designed and coded some of their most memorably websites.
January 2008 - December 2011 Quebec, Canada


Creative Director / Owner

I set up ICANCREATE as an educational resources for designers. However I more frequently use the ICANCREATE brand as my own Freelance design business.
California, United States


Senior Designer

I was hired by Massmedia as a senior digital designer to help build their suite of digital design offerings from internet advertising to CDrom and touchscreen kiosks.
January 2001 - November 2002 Sydney, Australia


Creative Director

I was hired as an advertising creative at Impact Media. Over almost 4 years at Impact Media I designed some of their biggest successful advert campaigns and helped build a business from 4 employees to over 25.
July 2003 - August 2007 Galway, Ireland


Senior Multimedia Designer

I was hired to set up Hugeunot's multimedia design department. Huguenot is a very well respected irish packaging and brand design firm.
February 2002 - August 2003 Cork, Ireland


I was hired as the premiere designer on Labyrinths team. I designed every aspect of the business's visual communications. I helped build the business to over 40 employees by the time I left in 2000.
July 1996 - January 2000 Ireland


Waterford Institute Of Technology

Visual Communications Design

May 1993 - July 1996 Waterford, Ireland


English (Native),
French (Beginner),
Irish (Conversational),


Eircom Golden Spiders

Best Design Agency



Adobe Suite, CSS, Design Systems, Design Tokens, Figma, HTML, Illustration, JavaScript (jQuery), Jira , Sketch,