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My name is David Huard and I am a professional website developer, website designer, and I also do social networking and IT support. I'm from Kedgwick, New Brunswick in Canada and I am a graduate of CCNB - Campus de Dieppe in web development.
  • Freelance Web Developer
    YuwardTech — Kedgwick, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Technician/Animator
    CFJU FM 90,1 — Kedgwick, New Brunswick, Canada
  • IT support technician
    Bibliothèque Publique De Kedgwick — Kedgwick, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Web development intern
    Cognitive X Solutions — Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Columnist and journalist
    CapAcadie — Kedgwick, New Brunswick, Canada
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I am also the owner of the freelance company YuwardTech. YuwardTech is a freelance web design and web development company located in Kedgwick, New Brunswick. We are professional in freelance website development, web site design, social networking and IT support.
My main goal is to get a web development job to improve myself in what I already know and also to learn more in this kind of job.
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