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Tony Thomas

Inventor, Visionary, Entrepreneur, and Advocate for Global Change.

Santa Monica, CA, USA
+1.(310) 403-0950
I am driven by invention and design and have a deep thirst for knowledge. I thrive when I am in an environment that pushes my creative boundaries and so I seek a thirst quenching draw from this well! I yearn for a day when community and global are used to describe each other and "reality" t.v. is only briefly mentioned on the history channel.
Work Experience
Peoria, IL, USA
Jun 1994Apr 2005
I was a managing partner pretty much out of high school, I was responsible for overseeing high end lithograph prints of my late grandfather Phero Thomas. We currently own the rights to roughly 423 multi-block woodcut blocks and their respective prints. We are in the process of sourcing the remaining images and will be offering limited edition posthumous prints as well as t-shirts, posters, and rotating a collection at various museums.
Santa Monica, CA, USA
Jun 2012
Santa Monica, CA, USA
Feb 2009
T's Hot sauce Co. is a globally influenced brand that gives back with every bottle purchased through our hot sauces for great causes platform. This unique blend of organic peppers, herbs, and spices will invigorate your taste buds and brighten up your day :) Thanks for stopping by!
San Francisco, CA, USA
Aug 1997May 2001
Academy of Art University (AAU)
Bachelor of Fine Arts
I am a passionate unique individual who is driven by invention and design. I am often surpassing my own expectations having a desire for knowledge, and thrive when I am in an environment that pushes my creative boundaries. My diverse skill set ranges from graphic design to free form sculpture as well as all forms of pencil, charcoal, and painting mediums.
I started my collegiate experience studying to become an architect and my love for design and multiple creative outlets paved the way for my transfer to the Academy of Art in San Francisco where I indulged in as many forms of creativity that I could. I am efficient and love to learn all graphic related software. I enjoy working in 3D as much as 2D free sketch and vector icons.
3D, A Better Today!, Adobe CS6, CSS, Creative Direction, Entrepreneur, Innovation, Invention, Photoshop, Re-Think Design + Re-Design Thinking, Social Media Marketing, Xara 3D
1st Place "Best Booth" @ The Malibu Chili Cook-Offf
1st Place "Peoples Choice" @ The Malibu Chili Cook-Off