Henry Lutts

Graphic Artist, Illustrator, UI Designer

Salem, MA, USA

Work Experience


Graphic Designer

In addition to the many odd jobs that are expected of a graphic designer in a very small team at a tech startup, my main responsibility is to create new graphics for OfferCraft's games in accordance with clients' requests. This involves graphic design, illustration, and often UI design. Several examples of my work are available on my portfolio.
August 2016 - Present Nevada, United States

Various Clients

Graphic/UI Design Freelancer

For about six months, I did various freelance jobs for a handful of clients in the Boston area. I usually worked for very small teams who wanted my help to create, improve, overhaul, or otherwise tweak the appearance of their software. Most of the contracts I did involved creating UI mockups or designing icons.
December 2015 - July 2016

JD Software

UI Design Contractor

In a series of contracts, both remote and on-site, I designed the interface for JD Software's new web application known as Arc. This included some graphic design work and lots of icon design.
October 2015 - December 2015 Salem, Massachusetts, United States

Cabot Investing Advice

Graphic Designer

My primary duties were designing banner ads for Cabot's website and updating the homepage with graphics to reflect their newest developments. I also created promotional materials for the third annual Cabot Investors Conference, helped out with various social media efforts, and served as a proofreader for several of their newsletters.
April 2015 - September 2015 Salem, Massachusetts, United States

Sky-Skan, Inc.

UI Designer and Graphic Artist

At first, Sky-Skan reached out to SNHU for interns, and I (along with one other student) was selected by one of my game art professors because I had demonstrated exceptional skills in UI design, which is what Sky-Skan originally had me doing. Eventually the job converted to a full-time position, and I took on more responsibilities. While designing various icons and widgets for the software department, I began creating some promotional graphics for the marketing team, and after a few months of juggling various duties in several areas of the company, I ended up making 3D models for a Sky-Skan documentary short film called "Asteroid: Mission Extreme."
November 2013 - February 2015 Nashua, New Hampshire, United States

Net Atlantic, Inc.

Marketing Intern

During the summers of 2011 and 2012, I worked full-time with the Net Atlantic marketing team designing graphics for their website, creating promotional videos, developing infographics for the company blog, and performing various intern-like duties around the office.
June 2011 - August 2012 Salem, Massachusetts, United States


Southern New Hampshire University

Video Game Art & Design

While I specialized in creating art assets for digital games using software like Photoshop and 3D Studio Max, I received a comprehensive education in all aspects of game development, including programming, level design, sound design and marketing. So I understand the game dev pipeline from back to front, but more importantly I understand where I, the artist, fit into it.
September 2010 - June 2014 Manchester, New Hampshire, United States


3d Animation, 3D Modeling, 3D Sculpting, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Character Design, Game Art, Game Design, Graphic Design, Icon Design, Illustration, Marketing, Proofreading, Typography, UI Design , UX Design, Visual Branding, Writing, ZBrush,