Rod Burkholz

Owner/Creative Director

Salt Lake City, UT, USA
I have now been in the Graphic Design, advertising and marketing field for nearly 20 years. It is something I have been passionate about as long ago as I can remember. I knew as far back as 3rd grade, after winning an art competition that I wanted to be some sort of artist. I followed my dreams and I've been designing and drawing ever since.

The natural course of business has inspired me to embrace many other fields such as, business marketing, advertising, ad placement for TV, radio, and all types of print ads, and the most exciting is HOW to market to the proper demographic. Everyone knows they need to do it but I know how to make it happen so you can generate a maximum return on your advertising dollar.


As a designer, my personal design specialties are LOGOS, BRANDING, BUSINESS IDENTITY and ICON DESIGN. I have continued to develop my ability to think outside the box when it comes to logo design and graphic design in general. I believe my portfolio shows my creativity and I am always evolving as an artist and trying to push myself creatively.

Work Experience

Helius Creative Advertising

Owner/Creative Director

Helius Creative Advertising began after years of putting absolutely all my passion and effort into a past design job, where I gained a lifetime of knowledge and experience but I decided it was time for me to branch out on my own and start my own Graphic Design/Advertising agency. I knew it'd be even more work, but has been more than worth it. I am always looking for new design challenges and opportunities.
April 2004 - Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Kassing Andrews Advertising

Senior Graphic Designer/Art Director

I was not an employee of Kassing Andrews but I was very much affiliated with them. I run my own small graphic design and advertising business called Helius Creative Advertising but rented an office from Kassing Andrews in return for the opportunity to work on their clients' projects. It was a great symbiotic partnership for over seven years.
November 2005 - December 2011 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Bailey-Montague & Associates

Senior Graphic Designer/Art Director

I worked for Bailey Montague Graphic Design Assoc. for about 6 years. This company is where I gained a lifetime of design experience with Utah's oldest design firm (established 1965 as a commercial art firm). I went from paid intern to senior designer during this time and I contributed to all the design projects that company produced, including logos, brochures, websites, annual reports, and more. At the time I was leaving, I had been looking for bigger opportunities in Design. Not finding the exact fit, I decided to take the plunge and start Helius Creative, a full service advertising, graphic design and marketing company. In my first year, business went well enough to pay back all my overhead, so now i can afford to give my clients the quality of a full service ad agency, at the affordable cost of a small firm.
October 1997 - May 2003 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


University Of Utah

Bachelor's of Art & Design

I was lucky enough to have a full-tuition scholarship in art and design for 4 years, where I took full advantage of the great design program they offered, with a solid base in introduction to design and art philosophy.
September 1992 - June 1996 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Salt Lake Community College

Associate of Graphic Design

For a community college, SLCC had one of the most highly respected design departments in the region, with professional designers teaching their classes for a hands-on learning experience and a practical knowledge of exactly what to expect in the professional field of design.
April 1991 - August 1992 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


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