Heidi Emilia

Art Director

Helsinki, Finland

Work Experience


Art Director

January 2016 - Helsinki, Finland


Art Director / Designer

In my early years I was working mainly with print design but later on focused strongly on digital field. Today you will most likely find me working on web design, app design, UI/UX design and visual identities.

I work with clients of my own and also work for the leading agencies and organizations of media, advertising and design such as Valve Group, TBWA, Luxus, Ellun Kanat, MTV and Rabbit Films.
March 2008 -

Indie Group Helsinki

AD & co-founder

Indie Group is a team of independent professionals of creative industry. They work with clients of their own as well as provide services for digital agencies, media agencies, communications agencies and other organizations.
December 2012 - January 2016 Finland