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Heather. 29. ATL.

Graphic Designer. Runner. Fangirl.

Loves: Justin Timberlake, serifs, Netflix, reading, ampersands, cooking, the internet, Baskerville, wedding photography, freedom

Hates: alarm clocks, liars, settling, unnecessary drama, traffic, Comic Sans, the spinning beach ball of death
  • Senior Graphic Designer
    Oldcastle Architectural — Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Senior Graphic Designer
    OneKreate — Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Designer
    PureRED — Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Freelance Designer
    Fellowship Of Christian Athletes — Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Freelance Designer
    NightLight — Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Freelance Designer
    ToolBank — GA, USA
  • Interim Designer
    Random Acts — USA
  • Design Intern, Point of Sale Designer
    Venegoni Distributing Inc — Carbondale, IL, USA
  • Marketing Manager
    NPACT America — Jacksonville, FL, USA
  • Office Assistant/Webmaster
    Willis & Miller Insurance — Carterville, IL, USA
  • Design Intern
    1187 Creative — Carbondale, IL, USA
  • Webmaster/Graphic Designer
    American Baptist Youth Board — Springfield, IL, USA
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In the context of the universe your story IS worth a verse... but Mezeker means to remember - Michael Ellison
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