Hannah Crosby

Character Artist

Work Experience


Senior 3D Artist

Created character models, low and hi-poly.
Responsible for level creation across a mobile game ( The Oregon Trail - Apple Arcade ). Built and textured full levels, including props and assets.
March 2019 - Present Australia

Storm Giant Studios

Senior 3D Artist

For this project I supported the team through art direction, concept creation, modelling and texturing 3D assets and working with other contracting artists to ensure a cohesive art and quality standard.
As the principal artist I first created 2D concepts for consideration by the team and then modelled and textured the majority of 3D art assets, including character and environment art.
Our aim when creating this game was to bring novelty, humour and authenticity to our characters by playing with stereotypes and ensuring equal gender and race representation.
February 2017 - April 2017 Australia


3D Artist

During downtime from larger projects I contract as a 3D artist for a variety of projects, from mobile games, to CAD drafting and product visualisation.
January 2015 - Present


Senior 3D Artist

Composed level layout in collaboration with designer to create a user experience which met educational goals and ensured clarity of game elements.
Modelled and textured characters and level art, overcoming the technical limitations of optimising for streaming online content.
March 2015 - May 2015 Australia


3D Character Artist

Working as part of a team I created downloadable character content for the Kinect Xbox360 dashboard, as well as contributing work to Kinect Sports I and II.
Modeled and textured in-game characters, using hi-poly modeling tools to create normal maps.
Supporting riggers by creating meshes which are optimised for easy skinning and correct joint deformation.
Oversaw junior team members to ensure standardized practices and look of assets.
Created Level Of Detail versions of characters to optimize memory in crowd scenes, whilst retaining original silhouette and style.
January 2010 - July 2011 United Kingdom


3D Artist

Worked closely with the Animation department to produce characters that were modeled and skinned for realistic deformation.
Re-created actor and character likenesses for both realistic and stylised licensed products and designed original characters to integrate seamlessly with existing character styles.
Recognised the limitations of time-scale and budget on a project and created a system of inter-changeable armour accessories for NPCs to create the illusion of diversity cheaply and effectively.
Worked directly with designers to create whitebox models for full levels, modeling and texturing final game art.
Documented processes and pipeline for in-house databases and style guide. Used in-house database software to submit and track assets
Conducted the streamlining and optimisation of levels reducing the impact on in-game memory.
February 2005 - August 2009 Brisbane, Australia