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alvaro sotomayor

Senior Creative Director

Amsterdam, Netherlands
00 31 6 20365096
my goal is to make people, clients, students, collaborators, friends succeed in life. My job is to make people see their own potential and make them realize that there is always something positive within them and the opportunities they seek. When i see them blossom makes me happy. When other companies poach them, makes me happy. Creativity is the cure to all our pessimism.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sep 1995
Senior Creative/Art/Director
Wieden was my first real job after finising Art School at Art center college of design in pasadena, los Angeles, CA. It is been the most amazing people's and creative experience anyone should wish for.
Jan 1992Aug 1995
Art center was an amazing experience due to the fact that you could choose any subject across a lot of different areas. I explore film, painting, photography, religion, typography, concepting, and sculpture. But mainly made me think independently and showed me my own conceptual strenghts.
Cannes Lions
Gold, silve, bronze lions
gold and silver
Cooking, Directing, Father, Golf, Painting, Sculpting, Snowboarding, Surfing, Swimming, Thinking