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[Download this video here: This is the Script: These are the infiltrators: and this is the Criminal Analysis network]

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BREAKING NEWS: [April 1, 2012]: YouTube silence… Read More
[Download this video here: This is the Script: These are the infiltrators: and this is the Criminal Analysis network]

Please visit my website for more evidences:


BREAKING NEWS: [April 1, 2012]: YouTube silences key witness in Colombia's ex-chief prosecutor's case

BREAKING NEWS [March 28, 2012]: 'Me quieren silenciar', dice testigo que declarará contra exfiscal Luis Camilo Osorio

This production was realized from March to October 2011 by Richard Maok Riano Botina who is in the exile since 2002, in Canada. He was a former CTI agent. CTI stands for Cuerpo Tecnico de Investigacion in Spanish, or Technical Investigation Unit, which belongs to the Colombian Attorney General's Office. In other words this is the national investigation agency in Colombia, similar to the US FBI.

Mr. Riano was known in the media as the "Hacker of the Attorney General's Office” or “Hacker de la Fiscalia” in Spanish, or also Mr. Maok in New York Times newspaper.

You could follow him on twitter as: @hackerfiscalia

The purpose of this presentation, is to clarify to the International Criminal Court, the public accusations made through the official Press Release No.132, by the Colombian former Attorney General Luis Camilo Osorio Isaza against Mr. Riano.

Mr. Osorio made false statements about the denounce presented by Mr. Riano in 2002, regarding to the paramilitary infiltration on the following agencies:

1. Attorney General’s Office
2. National Police
3. National Army
4. National Intelligence Agency under the President Authority known as DAS
5. National Prison Authority known as INPEC, and
6. National Congress

The result of the technical cross reference of 326.097 records on two databases showed 111 public employees working at the Colombian Attorney General's Office and some related with the Colombian Supreme Court of Justice in connection with paramilitary groups.

This is the link with the positions of each employee and the amount at the national level: and this is the Criminal Analisis link as part of this huge investigation. The graphic was reduced at 2% of the original size in order to be printed in a letter size paper

I have the following 19 data for each person:

1. Name
2. Last name
3. Magnetic key code
4. Gender
5. Citizenship ID number
6. Position
7. Branch
8. Home phone
9. Birth date
10. Home Address
11. Educational level
12. Family phone number
13. Division at the branch
14. Marital Status
15. Blood type
16. Body type
17. Skin type
18. Hair type
19. Internal Identification Code

After almost 10 years of these charges against the former Attorney General Luis Camilo Osorio Isaza, the political-paramilitary power has blocked the justice and Mr. Osorio is not yet in prison.

He dismissed all the Prosecutors and Detectives in charge of important paramilitary investigations, even my boss at that time, the former head of the Investigation Division Carmen Maritza Gonzalez Manrique was fired by the public employees in connection with paramilitary groups, but 8 years later she returned and she is now the CTI National Director.

In this context Mr. Osorio was leading a country that has been occupied by 40,000 paramilitaries of which 4,000 are children, 16,000 are missing people, 300,000 are confessed homicides by demobilized paramilitaries, with an estimated between 10 to 30 thousand unofficial graves.

Mr. Osorio is just one more case, but I am sure it is the most important, within the massive paramilitary ties for which are involved more than 100 congressmen currently under investigation, being more than 50 in prison.

The International Criminal Court has been in written contact with me twice. It was following the denounce that I presented to them about this critical situation in Colombia.
However, Mr. Osorio so far, is part of the Colombian Impunity or Impunidad Colombiana.

Richard Maok Riano Botina
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