Guayi Mas

Director, Creative Director, mograph.

Work Experience


Art & Animation Director

I was a founding member of the production company Solo Por Las Niñas (SPLN). With which I made various tv shows, video clips and other audiovisual work. I mainly worked as Art & Animation Director, but also directed, did production deisgn, wrote scripts, acted, did voices for animated caracters and was part of the creative and production process from begining to end.
September 2003 - July 2010 Chile


Owner, creative director

I started my own production company, under my own name (or pseudonym). Wanting to do creative work on my time and rhythm.
July 2010 - Santiago, Chile


Spanish (Native),
English (Native),


After Effects, Animation, Directing, Idea Development, Music Composition, Production Design, Screenwriting, Singer, Creative Solutions, Design, Post Production,

Additional Information

I've discovered over the years that I'm very good at creative problem solving. Many friends and colleagues ask me for help in many diferent areas, solving the all types of questions starting with the words "How can I...". Be it post production, scripts, design, production design, music, etc, etc. If you have a problem that needs creative (and practical) solutions just give me a shout.