Benjamin Gaisne

Graphic Designer

Berkeley, CA, USA

Work Experience

Black Vert

Graphic Designer, Production Artist, Web Designer

I joined Black Vert, a small parisian communication studio (10 to 20 employees), as a print graphic and production artist. In 8+ years, and after learning web design, my position grew to leading all the on-line and off-line digital art projects for the company.

Responsibilties & Achievements
- Designed and executed websites, extranet and intranet, CD Rom and DVD for major brands such as Sony, Nestlé Purina, Sopexa, as well as smaller organization (Digital Radio Mondial, Adie, etc.)

- Enforcing clients’ brand guidelines.

- Maintained and updated - Konica's first on-line presence in France - from 1999 to 2003. I was the liaison working directly with the project manager and head of IT at Konica France.

- Created layouts and executed Sony Professional collaterals in multiple languages in 5 color process.

- Collaborated with Art Director and in-house illustrator, to design and execute marketing collateral and campaigns for a wide variety of clients and industries (Agricultural, Food, Technologies, Insurance).

- Managed all on-line and off-line digital art projects, including estimates and billings.
October 1997 - March 2006 France

The 2M Group

Web Designer, Graphic and Production Artist

The 2M Group is a small luxury branding company. It was my first job after relocating to the Bay Area.

Responsibilties & Achievements
- Designed and built websites. Produced print catalog (Paradise Pen) and real estate development brochures.

- Photo editing, logo creation.

- Managed the company's IT infrastructure (website hosting, domain name, server, etc.)
July 2006 - October 2008 California, United States

Perforce Software

Graphic Designer

Perforce helps companies such as Pixar, Nvidia, Salesforce, Adidas, Samsung, to collaborate better and more securely. I joined Perforce as a sole in-house Graphic Designer in the Marketing Department. I took part in the process of hiring a second graphic designer and managing the graphic team.

Responsibilites & Achievements
- Design and execution of print and digital projects: web pages, and lead generation assets (ads, social campaigns, emails, landing pages), sales and technical presentations (powerpoint), ebooks, marketing collaterals, webinars, trade shows (booths, roller banners, signage), postcards, cheat sheet. Working closely with the corporate and product marketing teams.

- Creation and maintenance of Marketo templates for emails and landing pages (responsive and free form templates). I was instrumental in getting started with Marketo and keeping up with its evolution and our needs such as moving to responsive design, and optimizing the conversions of our campaigns based on data analytics.

- Creation and execution of assets for the company's user conference: ppt presentations, technical diagrams, kiosk, signage, mobile app graphics, LCD screens. Provides logistic support during the conference as a presentation operator.

- Collaborate with engineering and UX teams on the creation of icons and graphics in software products, and provide creative feedback on various projects.

- Manage multiple workflows and processes used by the graphics team and marketing, in a deadline driven, distributed environment among an Agile team (tools: Jira, Confluence, Basecamp).

- Establish file organization and processes for versioning of graphical assets.

- Support the Operations Department with graphical needs, providing Intranet regular updates. Design the look of the vending machines, swag wall decal, and other signage around the building.

- I was a founding member of the company’s newsletter (The Sync) to improve the communication between departments.
November 2008 - April 2016 California, United States

Greenstone Design, LLC

Graphic Designer, Owner

2016 -


CPSS Trudaine

BTS Edition (Book Publishing Degree)

Paris, France


French (Native),
English (Fluent),


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CSS, Fireworks, HTML, Indesign, Quark Xpress,