Graham Marsden

Keen Amateur Photographer & Image Editor

Stoke, United Kingdom
Now happily retired but still as keen as mustard to produce good images through photography and PhotoShop.

Work Experience

Magicalia Ltd


Editor of FishingMagic when in the portfolio of Magicalia Ltd
1999 - 2010 London, United Kingdom


Angling writer and photographer

Freelance angling writer and photographer for various magazines throughout Europe
1967 - 2010 Stoke, United Kingdom



Author and illustrator (photographic) of several angling books, my last one, 'Angling Essays' was published in June 2011.
1971 - June 2011 Stoke, United Kingdom

Graham Marsden

Graham Marsden's first article was published in 1968, launching a long career as an angling writer, photographer, tackle consultant and fishing media editor. He has written well over 1000 articles for fishing magazines in the UK and worldwide. He has also written several books and contributed chapters to scores of others.

Graham has caught specimen fish of every freshwater species. He remains a fanatical coarse and fly angler and rarely goes a week without fishing somewhere.

Graham is married to wife Anne with grown-up children and numerous grandchildren and one great granddaughter.