Gor Vardanyan

Lead, User Experience Designer

San Francisco, CA, USA

Work Experience


Lead, User Experience Designer

December 2016 - San Francisco, California, United States


Product Designer (UX/UI)

November 2015 - Amsterdam, Netherlands


UI / UX Designer

• Work with product teams and business owners to turn new ideas into usable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing products.
• Conceptualize designs and produce sketches, wireframes, mocks, etc. that satisfy all stakeholders.
• Document UI/UX requirements and best practices for products and its features.
2011 - Yerevan, Armenia


Art Director, UI / UX Designer

2011 - 2012 Armenia

TX Systems

Art Director, Sr. UI/UX Designer

2007 - 2011 Armenia


Head Designer, Functional Designer

2006 - 2007 Armenia