Sean Glumace

Chief Operating Officer, 2CPR Group

Orange, CA, USA
Sean Glumace, 2CPR Group Chief Operating Officer possesses over 25 years of experience in industry and education advocacy, pathway creation, curriculum, industry certification, and content for the classroom. Having taught at the high school, college, and university levels, he also played an instrumental role as one of the Statewide K-14 Pathways Technical Assistance Providers in driving the success of the Doing What MATTERS initiative under the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.

Work Experience

Certification & Career Pathways Readiness Group, LLC

Chief Operating Officer

We're passionate about providing services that help people find, thrive, and share in meaningful education and careers. Through our extensive experience in building career pathways with the K-12, Community College, university partners, certification providers, and industry connections, we work with diverse non-profits, school districts, government agencies, and community organizations to help them navigate these complex systems and have project success.
June 2017 - California, United States


Adobe Education Leader

Adobe Education Leaders are innovative thought leaders in education who effectively use Adobe tools to promote excellence in students’ development of creative problem solving and critical thinking skills. Education leaders build dynamic learning environments on their campus and establish best teaching practices throughout the global education community.
May 2014 - September 2023 California, United States

WestEd/California Community College Chancellors Office

K-14 Career Pathways - Statewide Technical Assistance Provider (TAP)

Sean Glumace was one of a two member Key Talent Team for the Technical Assistance Provider (TAP) for Career Pathway Design Grant. Sean partnered with Ms. Angela Allison, who was the other Key Talent, on the statewide Career Pathway Design issues to establish the regional collaboration through knowledge of the California Community College Chancellors Office Doing What Matters (DWM) framework. They also provided data and research resources, expertise in use of technology and digital media to achieve large-scale and effective outreach, communication and engagement; and extensive college- and program-level experience in CTE, K-12 partnerships, and pathway development critical to facilitate faculty and administrator engagement and adoption of promising practices.

The TAP team of Angela Allison and Sean Glumace as Key Talent Team along with RSCCD and WestEd addressed the following objectives: (1) Recommend legislative and regulatory policies and procedures; (2) Identify and disseminate promising practices that will improve Career Pathways statewide; (3) Provide leadership, guidance, and technical assistance at the local, regional, and state level in order to expand and improve Career Pathways from middle, high school to community college programs and into careers and promote student success.
July 2015 - June 2017 California, United States

Golden West College

Digital Media Arts Instructor

Nominated for the 2013 GWC Teacher of the Year Award

Current and past classes include:

DARTG103 Digital 2D Design
DARTG115 Typography
DARTG135 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
DARTG150 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
DARTG174 Desktop Publishing with Adobe InDesign
DARTG176 Desktop Publishing with QuarkXpress
DARTG177 Graphic Design Principles/Portfolio Class
DARTG178 Introduction to Web Design
DARTG200 Advanced Web Design
MARKETING 140 Internet Marketing - eCommerce
August 2001 - December 2017 California, United States

Concordia University

Digital Media Arts Instructor

Teaching Senior Level Courses in the Graphic Design/Art Department.

ARTG472-1 Web Design 1 - Students will plan, design, and produce user interfaces in this course that will incorporate interactive elements with Dreamweaver Instruction that begins with planning and designing a Web site, including page content, interactive (intuitive) site navigation, menus, buttons, and graphics as they gain valuable experience in the research, planning, and design of interactive communication.

ARTG 482: Web Design 2 - This course will explore Flash as a web design solution, focusing on the use of vector-based multimedia interactivity and the use of animation, sound, and video in website development. Prerequisite: ARTG 472.
August 2013 - December 2017 California, United States

Glumace Design


Concurrent with my teaching career I have operated a successful graphic design firm whose clients have included the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Image Comics and other global companies.
October 1995 - June 2017 California, United States

Orange County Department Of Education

CTEoc Digital Media Arts Professional Learning Community Lead Facilitator

The CTEoc Digital Media Arts Professional Learning Community a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise, provides professional development, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students.

As Lead Facilitator for Orange County I plan events, market, and bring together K-12, Community College, and University instructors in the Digital Media Arts fields for hands on workshops, professional development, industry events, and other events.
July 2014 - June 2015 Costa Mesa, California, United States

Golden West College

Web Designer/Multimedia Programmer

Redesigned the main Golden West College web site at

Responsible for monthly maintenance of all campus web sites.

Designed and launched new campus sites in WordPress.

Identified weekly website problems, diagnosed causes and determined corrective actions.

Discussed client requirements and scheduling to outline basic presentation concepts and coordinate creative activities.

Played an active role with marketing and sales to provide artwork as needed for web and print.
August 2007 - July 2015 Huntington Beach, California, United States

Golden West College

Computer Support Specialist (Digital Arts/Macintosh Lab)

Responsible for maintaining over 120 Macintosh G5 systems software and hardware in the Macintosh labs including: workstations, Xserve file server and printer server, printers and scanners. The labs were utilized by over 700 Digital Arts students each semester.

Assisted users (instructors and students) in the Macintosh labs with design questions and troubleshooting including all software in the labs.

Responsible for marketing the Digital Arts department which includes all print design, web design and community outreach. Designed and currently update the department website at

Maintained records for purchases, upgrades, installations and inventory

Responsible for writing and presenting federal and state grants for department hardware and software. Requested and received 4 Vocational Education (VETA) grants (all $30,000+) over 4 years.
March 2003 - August 2007 California, United States

Irvine Valley College

Web Design Instructor

Teaching CIM 249.1 Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) online for the Computer Information Management department.

CIM 249.1 Cascading Style Sheets - This course presents an introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and their application to presentation in the creation of websites. Topics include CSS syntax, selectors, positioning, and internal and external style sheets.
January 2013 - May 2014 Irvine, California, United States


Digital Media Arts Instructor

Instructor in the Graphic Design, Web & Multimedia Design and Interior Design certificate programs as well as the Fine Arts Department.

Classes include:

Introduction to Graphic Design & Visual Communication
Fundamentals of Design, Introduction to Web Design with Dreamweaver
Interface Design for Web & Digital Media
Electronic Illustration with Adobe Illustrator Part II
Introduction to Photoshop
Design Studio I: Typography, Logos and Trademarks
Design Studio II: Advertising Design
Design Studio III: Corporate and Brand Identity
Design Studio IV: Publication Design
The Business of Graphic Design
Illustration Workshop: Introduction to Illustration
Illustration Workshop: Illustration for Comics
January 2001 - August 2003 Costa Mesa, California, United States

McMullen Argus/Primedia Publishing

Art Director, Web/Graphic Designer

Redesigned 20 McMullen Argus Publishing websites including Audio Video Interiors Magazine, Hot Bike, Street Chopper, Super Chevy and Muscle Mustang Magazines

Responsible for monthly maintenance of 32 McMullen Argus Publishing automotive magazine websites

Coordinated with Channel teams to update magazine websites and coordinate file uploads

Identified weekly website problems, diagnosed causes and determined corrective actions.

Discussed client requirements and scheduling to outline basic presentation concepts and coordinate creative activities.

Played an active role with marketing and sales to provide artwork as needed for web and print
May 1999 - December 2001 Anaheim, California, United States

Spidergear Electronics

Art Director/Web Operations Manager

Designed and implemented consumer electronics e-commerce website for Spidergear, including back- end support database with Filemaker Pro

Planned and executed daily product specials, sales and promotions for the main site as well as Ebay, Auctions, Yahoo Auctions and

Managed 3rd party fulfillment accounts

Managed daily front office operations including office to shipping warehouse communication.
January 1997 - December 1999 Huntington Beach, California, United States

South Bay Abrams

Assistant Graphic Designer

Responsible for custom signage solutions for use in food and grocery industries which included clients such as Ralphs, Vons, Bristol Farms, Pavilions, Whole Foods, and Lucky's.

Responsible for developing all production film for silkscreen printing using stat camera and dark room.
February 1995 - December 1996 Huntington Beach, California, United States


Walden University

Bachelors of Science in Instructional Design

The B.S. in Instructional Design and Technology provides students with an opportunity to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for entry into the growing field of instructional design. This program will prepare students to use technology to create and evaluate learning materials for use in various instructional settings.

Students will learn how to work collaboratively to understand their organizations’ learning needs and how to effectively develop instructional materials to meet these needs. Students will have an understanding of how people learn plus the practical skills to apply their knowledge immediately in the field. Additionally, students graduating with this degree will be uniquely qualified due to their experiences with learning online. Students’ experience with the Learning Management Systems and the tools used in the online environment will put them in position for the many jobs available for instructional designers in the online learning field.
January 2014 - December 2016 Maryland, United States

Golden West College

Associate of Arts (AA) in Graphic Design

August 1996 - May 2000 Huntington Beach, California, United States


Adobe Education

Adobe Creativity Champion Q1 2015


Golden West College

2013 Golden West College Teacher of the Year Nomination


International Academy Of The Visual Arts

Gold Award of Excellence 2011 for the book design for The Silverado Story: A Memory-Care Culture Where Love is Greater than Fear


IPPY Award

Silver Medal in the 2011 Independent Book Publisher Awards for the he Silverado Story: A Memory-Care Culture Where Love is Greater than Fear


Los Angles Book Festival

2010 Los Angeles Book Festival Winning Entry for Business Book The Silverado Story


California Teachers Association

2011 Gold Award of Excellence in the International Communicator Awards for The Silverado Story



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