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Air Malta Plc

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May 1979 - Malta

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Gino Galea
Master Photographer

Gino Galea is directly associated with the official photography of the national airline - AirMalta for the past three decades. His experience in the wider categories of photography is considered as the main source of artistic inspiration to other local photographers who are seeking to upgrade their levels in the art of photography in Malta.

Welcome to the world as seen through the lens of Gino Galea. This is the product of years of passion and experience in photography, investing in the latest camera technology, and a will to excel in not only capturing the scene, but doing so with
an artistic flair and perspective.

Gino’s photography displays an exceptional level of balance between the simple, the aesthetic and the artistic. From portrait commissions to his extensive photographic depictions of the beauty of the Maltese archipelago, Gino’s award-winning style
captures the atmosphere of the scene to an unprecedented degree. This is what transforms an image into a work of art. Whether in high-quality print, on colour transparency, or on canvas, Gino Galea’s images are there to be cherished and enjoyed for posterity. They are moments captured for eternity.

The Early Years

Born and brought up in the picturesque town of Rabat, Malta, Gino Galea was introduced to photography through his interest in aviation. At the age of thirteen, he won a prize on a television science programme by explaining how a camera works – little did he know that, many years from then, the camera would become his living and artform ! The years 1976 till 1979 were fundamental to his love of aviation photography. He was fascinated by the manouverability of military aircraft hovering above the skies of Royal Air Force Luqa at the time. He was very much encouraged in his hobby by his late father, being an RAF official himself at the time.

First Assignments

Graduating as an Architect’s Assistant and Draughtsman in 1979 at the then New University, Gino joined Air Malta’s Advertising and Public Relations Section, where he was instrumental in establishing the Company’s Corporate Photographic Section. It was at this point that through the mentorship and encouragement of Joe Zammit an established professional photographer, Gino ventured into the world of professional imaging.

Official Photographer - Air Malta plc

Soon afterwards , Gino became the official photographer of the national airline Air Malta (1979), a position he has held eversince. Being an aviation photographer, he was instrumental in forming the airline’s photo archives and his work has featured in practically all of the company’s publications, including brochures, websites, fairs, exhibitions, the in-house publications “Flying Colours”, “KM Newsline”, “Malta this Month” , 'Skylife' , and the airline’s annual reports. The list includes the FLIGHT INTERNATIONAL aviation magazine. Gino Galea’s images circled the globe through the various airline PR and advertising campaigns aboard. It is worth noting that through such promotions including the world wide web, such images substantially assisted Malta and the national airline in their corporate image and PR overseas.

Knowing the Art

Following the encouragement of the late Mr. J. Nunns ESFIAP, Gino joined the Malta Photographic Society in 1989. This provided him with a solid background on which to develop his technique and photographic style.


As Gino experimented and gained confidence in his art, he won a number of prestigious awards, including :

• Kodak Trophy for black and white prints; (1989)
• C.A. Herbert Trophy for colour prints;
• An award in the Polaroid Pope John Paul II Competition (1992);
• J.G. Dacoutros Trophy (1992 and 1993);
• O & V Portfolio Competition (1992 and 1995);
• A. Buontempo Memorial Award (1992);
• A. Azzopardi Memorial Trophy for Nature Photography;
• An award in the Ballantine's National Photography (1993);
• Two major international awards in the Mazda Photo Contest
(1992 and 1994) including crediting in prestigious magazines such
as “Time” and “National Geographic”;
• Dr. E. Sammut Memorial Shield for Cultural Heritage of the Maltese Islands;
• A Jessop award in (1998),
• Other awards in the Photo Training Overseas (UK) seminars.

Logo Design Competition

In 1993, Gino won a prestigious competition for the official design
of the Malta Photographic Society's official logo.

Further Studies

Taking his photography further, Gino received a Licenciate from the Royal Photographic Society ( L.R.P.S.) in 1991, followed by an Associateship (A.R.P.S.) in November 1992; both Distinctions were received in Bath-UK. Also in 1992, Gino completed a Diploma in Social Studies sponsored by the Social Action Movement in collaboration with the Pontifical University of St.Thomas Aquinas, Rome.

More Awards

In 1996, Gino won the overall award in the national “Dunhill Lights Photographic Competition”.

On the Web

That same year 1996, Gino Galea became the first Malta based photographer to have a presence on the Internet, with his first website and online photo gallery : The site was being hosted at Terranet Ltd.


Every picture says a thousand words. Gino Galea’s talent and versatility ensures that he captures no only the image itself, but also the moment, in all its joy and feeling.

Further Recognition

In 1996, Gino was awarded an Associateship of the Master Photographers Association (A.M.P.A.) and the Licentiate of the British Institute of Professional Photography. (L.B.I.P.P.)

Photographer to the Stars

Gino’s reputation had now reached an international level, and given his affinity for portrait photography, his lens has captured the faces of an impressive number of celebrities and personalities. Most notably, Gino has been the official photographer of the Malta branch of the Manchester United Supporters Club, for more than twenty three years in which capacity he had numerous opportunities to capture the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, as well as David Beckham, Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, Paul Ince , Lee Sharpe and other teammates, during their numerous visits to Malta.. His official duties included the Treble Champions full team visit to Malta in August 2000

First solo Exhibition

Gino Galea's first solo photographic exhibtion was organized in 1996 at the Soul Art Studio in Mosta, following much encouragement from Albert Demarco, another reputed artistic Maltese photographer. The theme was related to Heritage and Culture in the Maltese islands.

International Exhibitions

Gino Galea’s international reputation was further enhanced through the numerous exhibitions he has held outside Maltese shores, in Casablanca, Istanbul, Catania, Ragusa, Athens and lately Brussels.

A Recognised Expert

By then, Gino was already being considered a local expert on photography, sitting on many judging panels in various photographic and Beauty Queen competitions. Eventually the popular radio presenter Susan Mulvaney had invited Gino as a guest in her phone-in morning show on RTK . Since then, Gino has been offering advice to listeners on the art of photography both on RTK Radio and eventually Radio Malta. In the past few years he was invited by the local TV stations in programms related to Fashion.

Important Commissions

Given his experience in corporate photography, it was inevitable that other entities would seek Gino Galea’s perspective in their corporate imagery. In 1997, Gino was commissioned to cover the activities related to the inauguration of the new Malta House in London ( early 1990's).

Once again he was comissioned at London's Piccadily in 1996 regarding the coverage of the highly prestigious activities related to the presentation of credentials by the newly appointed Maltese High Commissioner, Richard A Matrenza to HM Queen Elizabeth.

Another high profile photographic coverage had to be during the Juventus Football Team's Air Malta flight from Turin to Malta which included the legendary Zinedine Zidane amongst other football stars.

Indeed, in 1997 and 2001, Gino was entrusted with all the photographic requirements for the Maltese National Pavilion in the International Trade Fair of Malta.

Other assignments abroad related to his Air Malta capacity as official company photographer included Boeing Aircraft Industry in Seattle, US ( Mar 1993), British Aerospace, Airbus Industrie in Toulose ( May 1994 & Aug 1990) , Avro in Woodford and Farnborough Airshow ( Sept 1994). Other numerous assignments abroad included the various Malta Week activities including London, Catania, Palermo, Athens, Casablanca, Istanbul, Beirut and Prague ( late 1990's).

Other high profile exclusive commissions included the British Royals such including HM Queen Elizabeth II ( Nov 2005), HRH Princess Ann, the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and other official activities such as the Commonwealth Business Forum in line with CHOGM-MLA2005 ( Nov 2005). Another interesting coverage included also the Malta Hospice Movement activity in collaboartion with Air Malta at Lourdes France ( Dec 2008).

Another exclusive official coverage has been that of Sir Alex Ferguson, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville and Pat Crerrand during the Air Malta flight KM103 from London to Malta ( Feb 2009 ) .

Further Qualifications
In 2000, Gino reached a major milestone, becoming the first photographer to attain a 'Malta Institute for Professional Photography ' Distinction with his Associateship, as well as a further distinction in his Associateship of the Malta Photographic Society.

The Hollywood Connection

Also in 2000, Romina Magro, one of Gino’s Maltese talented models, received a Silver Medal in the Miss Photogenic category at an international beauty contest in Hollywood. Gino’s work featured in the portfolio of winning photos.

Major Awards

2001 was a memorable year for Gino, with an accolade of major awards, most notably the best picture in the Press and PR photography ( Overseas category ) in the Master Photographer of the Year Awards, at Coventry, UK, with a picture of an ailing Pope John Paul II, during his second visit to Malta. The photo captured the Pope’s humanity, courage and determination in face of his failing health. These awards are considered to be the “Oskars” in the world of photography. Also that year, Gino received the Pentax Overall Award for the “Best Work with a Local Theme” in the Open Annual Exhibition and Competition of Photography, as well as the first prize in the colour prints category in the O & V Photographic Portfolio Competition.

Wedding Photography

Most Maltese photographers delve into wedding photography at some stage, and Gino Galea is no exception. However, his artistic flair for photography have always driven him to go one step further, Indeed, also in 2001, his wedding portfolio earned him the “Mario Acerboni – Wedding Portfolio of the Year Competition 2001” Award, sponsored by the British Institute of Professional Photography. More recently, in September 2005, he received another prestigious accolade in the international photographic scene when he qualified as an Associate of the Society of Wedding Professional Photographers mainly in Wedding & Portrait photography (ASWPP)

Images of Malta

Following completion of his Diploma in Photographic Practice (Dip.PP), sponsored by the Master Photographers Association ( UK ) Gino released a CD portfolio of images of Malta, thus returning his attention to a subject which has always been a constant source of inspiration – the beauty of the Maltese islands.

Photographic Studio

In 2003, Gino took the courageous step to invest in a new professional photographic studio at 198, Eucharistic Congress Road, Mosta, Malta. Given the incessant demand for glamour and portrait photography, this was a further commitment by Gino towards maintaining the highest possible standards in his work. To date, his studio remains very much in demand for photographic work, especially beauty contests and of course, wedding photography. Such a step has undoubtedly seen his modern studio fastly becoming one of the leading names in the art of photography in Malta.

Back on the Airwaves

Gino’s expertise in his art form has once again landed him on Malta’s airwaves, as he has been requested to provide insights into the photographic medium during regular phone-in programmes on two major local radio stations, namely RTK and PBS.

Malta Television

The years 2007 and 2009 has seen Gino Galea more consistently involved in regular popular TV weekly programmes the likes of "Cinderella" and " Looks", mainly related to the fashion and educational aspects of photographic art.