Gavin Simpson

Group Creative Director

Santa Barbara, CA, USA
My creative mindset stems from the incessant need to problem solve. I bring art, science, and humor to the table. I am a strong believer that creative teams, given the opportunity, can be a significant revenue driver for a company. I lead my team to execute with precision and grace while pushing the limits of our own abilities.

It takes a strong leader to know what drives a brand and the conflicts and problems it creates along the way. It also takes a healthy dose of optimism and realism. As a Creative Director with over 17 years of creative and marketing experience, I’ve learned to solve problems and create many more— a necessity in driving an impact in an imperfect world.

Creatives don’t look at mistakes in a negative light. We adapt, we learn, and we improve. We replace subjectivity with ROI; we build brands and tell stories. Most importantly, though, those of us who are lucky enough to make it as creative directors learn the art of building great teams, nourishing their talents, and clearing the path for them to do big things. We know marketing and sales, we know how they think and what they need. We even know 90% of their crazy acronyms.

Work Experience


Sr Creative Director

June 2019 - Present San Francisco, California, United States


Group Creative Director

April 2016 - June 2019 California, United States


Creative Director

April 2014 - April 2016 California, United States


Director, Creative Marketing Development

- Oversee marketing design projects from inception to completion.
- Oversee creative direction of marketing direction.
- Lead and build a talented team of creatives.
- Manage team members, plus freelancers.
- Generate positive energy and serve as a role model & creative inspiration across the broader marketing team.
-Align Design goals with Marketing ROI.
September 2013 - April 2014 Santa Barbara, California, United States


Director, Visual Design (Affiliate Division)

Lead the visual design / front-end development for the re-launching of

Evolve the branding of Commission Junction to reflect its innovative technology and positive atmosphere.

Supervise all visual content (print, web) production.

Improve user-experience and increase lead acquisition through

Oversee all phases of the creative process to produce high quality, strategically grounded creative.

Provide front-end solutions to increase usability and conversion.

Work collaboratively across all communications and marketing teams to facilitate a productive relationship and flow of ideas.

Pursuing opportunities that will increase profitability for the creative services team in order to grow team.

Manage creative projects for high-profile advertisers such as: Dell, HP, Lowes, Intuit, H&R Block, Symantec & Lenovo.
September 2012 - September 2013 Santa Barbara, California, United States


Saint Mary's College Of California

Bachelors of Liberal Arts / Integral Studies

Integral Studies focuses on the world’s “Great Books” in order to explore the “evolution of the Western World”. Through the studies of philosophy, mathematics, language,music, and science students of Integral are taught how to use logic, debate, and comprehensive rhetoric as one to convey thoughts and arguments.

Class of 2005
Deans List Member
Ranked 7th in Nation in Collegiate Olympic Weightlifting Finals (Saint Mary’s College)
August 2001 - December 2005 Moraga, California, United States


Art Directing, Brand Management, Concept, Copywriting, CSS/CSS3, Design., Development, Editing, Experience, HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, Jquery, Leadership, Management, Photography, Presentation Design, Print, Product/Brand Design, Responsive, Storytelling, User, Web Design,