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I am an Art Director and Graphic Designer, currently working as a freelancer in Paris. I have worked on a multitude of projects, on supports such as print and web media, typography, illustration and visual identity. I am actively seeking an Art Director position in a Paris-based agency.
  • Independant
    Freelance — Paris, France
  • A.D Assistant (trainee)
    PS Live (Aegis Media) — Paris, France
  • A.D Assistant (trainee)
    C'est Comme Une Agence — Paris, France
  • A.D Assistant (trainee)
    Les Aiguilleurs — Paris, France
  • Production assistant (trainee)
    DespaceB / Dosbuster — Paris, France
  • A.D Assistant (trainee)
    Arthur Schlovsky (GroupM) — Paris, France
  • Production Assistant (trainee)
    Premiere Heure — Paris, France
  • Web designer (trainee)
    Baobaz — Paris, France
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